Suet Li (avatar)
updated 11 months ago

I have a nephew now!

Finally here to see my sister's newborn baby! Supposed to come with Karthik in Sept but I can't take it already, wanna see his cute face since I won't get to see it much anymore.

Hello baby, you're so perfect 😍😍😍

Literally this face 😏😏😏


Sleeping in my sis' room with her and my mom so that I can experience what it's like to care for a newborn. Baby just woke up to feed and we took turns burping him, now he's back to sleep.

This is not easy.....................another one at 4am later 😴


Omg this feed is hard. Can't wake up at all 😪😪😪 I thought the feed was every 3 hours but in actuality you get only 2 hours of sleep in between cos of the burping, changing diapers and putting back to sleep etc. But babies are like clockwork man, so on time!

Poor mothers around the world :( no idea how anyone can do this alone for months/years. I'm only at day 1 and itupun just to accompany my sis and don't have to do much haha


Baby vomited twice and had a massive poo so we had to change his clothes 3 times in the last hour.

I told my mom and sis that I think I'll sleep downstairs tomorrow hahaha #fail

That's it for my first experience taking care of a newborn......

Ahhh this boy is too much 😍😍😍 his eyes are so big also makes him look cuter 👀

For some reason, whenever my mom carries him he quiets down a lot more than when I do eventhough the positioning is similar. Told her it's cause babies can smell the old people smell on her which instantly puts him at ease wtf

With babies, it's always rinse and repeat over and over again until they're 12 wtf
He sleeps very well in the day but hates sleeping at night so here's my mom trying to put him to sleep while my sis and Peter take a breather first before the long night begins 😔

Day 230

Friday, 18 Aug 2017

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melimandoo (avatar)

melimandoo Your nephew is so handsome!

11 months ago

pinkpigsfly (avatar)

pinkpigsfly Your nephew is so cute 😍😍😍

11 months ago

suzmellisa (avatar)

suzmellisa Hello handsome baby H!

11 months ago

shermainos (avatar)

shermainos Congrats! Such a cute bundle of joy! 😃

11 months ago

heynyonya (avatar)

heynyonya Haha I slept in my sister's room to after she gave birth to experience that newborn experience! It was so nerve wracking because I would wake up from time to time to see if the baby was breathing. This was when she was a few days old lolol. Congrats on becoming an aunty 💞

11 months ago

szeyin87 (avatar)

szeyin87 hello handsome! 😘😍

11 months ago

shirleyc (avatar)

shirleyc Such a heart breaker alreadyyyy 😍

11 months ago

lynnnnn (avatar)

lynnnnn Aiyo so cute! Sometimes it could be a confidence thing, baby can sense inexperience? Hahaah idk all theories!

11 months ago

Sleepyhui (avatar)

Sleepyhui congrats to your sis ! being a mom is challenging weih.. after taking care of NICU ( neonatal intensive care) , i dont think i want to have kids ! so so so tiring and scary in a way !

11 months ago

chocolatsweetnez (avatar)

chocolatsweetnez Old people smell hahaha

11 months ago

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