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Last few days home

Wtf is going on?!
0 celcius in London at the end of April 😱😱😱

I brought back my winter coat and now I'm thinking if I should lug it back there 😩 somemore wanted to bring all my shorts and summer clothes there!

Actually hor it's quite cold in KL these days too. I've been loving the weather the last few days!

A compilation of all my favourite things 😘😘😘
Only a quarter of all the things I've been eating here hehehe

Tried the new ayam goreng mcd which has been raved about!
Issokay..can't tell the difference haha. I've never been a fan of this anyway but just want to jump on the bandwagon cos I'm a sheep like that.

Went to this super cool place last weekend with Amelia and Andrew! A real hawker from the outside...then you open the door and...

Tada! A freaking cool bar inside!

It's called Suzie Wong and opened a few months ago.
I couldn't believe how nice it is, and it's huge and so nicely decorated!

There are all these swings around with real people on them haha. I asked her if she's tired and she said no, just bored lolol

Oh before that we had dinner at this restaurant called steam era in pudu!

Super cool one, they cook all the food on top of this porridge and you eat it in the end. They'll put like live prawns, mussels, scallops etc and steam them. RM70-80 per pax but worth to try it once I guess!

Karthik went to work today after spending the last 5 days with me and now I'm feeling super sad already. Didn't know who to call cos all my friends are working so just stayed home and do some research on the current property market in Malaysia haha

So sad I'm leaving in a few days, and even sadder that the weather is insane now in London. But issokay I need to really enjoy my last 4 months in London before coming back home for good!


Good news is I got As for both my papers for last term, leading me to believe that maybe I can pursue a life in academia after all hahaha. Laughing cos I hate writing research papers, I think it's the most boring thing to do in the world but now I know it can potentially be a viable career path?

I'm actually feeling nervous that I'll be unemployed in 4 months but I can't find anything I'd like to do when I come back. Sigh back to square 1 in the job market again!

Btw if you squint a little, you'll see that I wrote a paper comparing Malaysia and Singapore, which was the main reason why I almost fell into depression in January. I didn't blog about it here but while researching for the paper, I went down a black hole of everything wrong about Malaysia and everything right about Singapore.

Obviously I was also in a pretty precarious emotional state cos Karthik just left the UK then but yeah, the story behind this paper for future reference..

Here to see the twins again today who are so freaking cute. They must move together everywhere and laugh at each other all the time. Hahaha so nice to have twins la

Wah I didn't know people would be interested in my paper! It's basically understanding how the education policies in both countries are shaped by our multicultural ideologies, which in turn continue to shape our respective national identities. It touches quite a bit on race and politics too hence why it's sad to know more about it.

If you're really interested, I'll email it to you guys! I'll also write an abstract cos otherwise it's a bit academic.

Can email me at suetliliew @ gmail ?

Day 117

Thursday, 27 Apr 2017

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Ultraviolencegirl99 (avatar)

Ultraviolencegirl99 That bar looks amazing!

1 year ago

aboutwang (avatar)

aboutwang Congrats on the As!!

1 year ago

staplebullet (avatar)

staplebullet Is it very nerdy but I would love to read your essay haha. Congrats on the As!

1 year ago

cdg88135407 (avatar)

cdg88135407 Would love to read that paper comparing msia and sg!

1 year ago

ayy2809 (avatar)

ayy2809 that is really great. congratz!

1 year ago

natalia (avatar)

natalia congrats!! would love to read the essay tho!

1 year ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy I wrote technical papers for a living and although it's dull as hell I secretly loved it 😳 like I love it but at the same time wished I was doing something more exciting. Writing is such a valued skill in msia you'll get a job in no time!

1 year ago

faithlkt (avatar)

faithlkt do u mind to share ur paper? would love to read it 😊

1 year ago

ahhbad (avatar)

ahhbad yeah I'd read it too! the weather has really been erratic of late.

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @Ultraviolencegirl99 it's super cool! I was very amazed when I walked in. go check it out!

@aboutwang @ayy2809 thanks!!

@staplebullet @kitkats @faithlkt @ahhbad can't believe you guys wanna read it! can email me? I'll send it over :)

@justpeachy I really hope so, thanks for the encouragement!

1 year ago

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