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Eh dayre still around! Good cos sometimes I have so much to say but don't know where to put it.

Anyway I went to see a gynae finally since my period is so irregular recently. It's always been irregular but the last few cycles are almost 60 days long??

Doc did an ultrasound and a vaginal scan with some fancy equipment and showed me all the bubbles of sacs collecting at each ovaries.

Yep I have PCOS.

I'm not really that surprised cos I knew it from the irregularity of my period that it must be that. Doc also says people with PCOS find it harder to lose weight and that really made my day la hahaha

Cos I knew I don't actually eat that badly or much, but no dieting unless I legit starve myself will help me lose weight. I finally have proof that it's some sort of imbalance that is the culprit!

Anyway it's an inverse relationship too; any weight gained also contributes to PCOS.

Oh no sorry I completely forgot I started this dayre post and didn't even finished my updates properly hahaha. This is what happens when you become a sporadic blogger.

Anyway I'm glad so many of you found it helpful that I'm taking about this! Tbh my doc said it's very common also and told me not to be alarmed and prescribed me glucophage (metmorfin) which is a diabetic med since people with PCOS are also insulin resistant and clomid to help my eggs mature.

Tbh I was worried when I heard I need to be on diabetic meds cos it sounded so serious!! Like I'm not even diabetic wei but I researched more and the risk for PCOS women to develop diabetes and cardiovascular problems is super high later so I guess it's just prevention now? Plus the med is quite low risk.

Doc says I might lose weight too after 6 months on the med so I'm looking forward to that! Plus more exercise and low carb diet of course.

Anyway, I took a while choosing my gynae cos I never had one that I go to (cos they're all insanely expensive)!

Did a lot of googling and finally decided to go to the one nearest to my house in KPJ damansara specialist. Saw the head of gynae there (Dr Guna) and the bill came up to RM900+ 😱. His consultation fee is RM249 which is on par with all other good specialists but it's all the equipment costs that were crazy.

Thankfully I can claim this under my insurance under karthik's employer 🙏

The thing about gynaes and specialists is the loooong wait. Luckily I can work from wherever so I just brought my laptop and work there while waiting lol. But I can't imagine how it's like for others who have to take leave to see a doc, and pay that ridiculous fees.

If you know a good cheaper gynae near damansara, pls let me know!!

Sigh not easy being a woman ah.

#pcos #ttc

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Saturday, 17 Mar 2018

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joycelynmusic (avatar)

joycelynmusic dont mind sharing which doc u went?

10 months ago

consumerpey (avatar)

consumerpey go girl power, go!

10 months ago

flakeofsnow (avatar)

flakeofsnow I’ve also got pcos before I got pregnant (and likely still have it now after baby is out). Google the living shit out of pcos and fertility and in the end, I took vitamin D supplements and multivitamins esp high in vitamin B. 6 months later, positive hpt. Good luck!

10 months ago

hlynn (avatar)

hlynn Doc says I have PCOS too..but I'm skinny 🤷‍♀️ im just trying to eat better and put in some effort to exercise now. Basically just learn to take care of myself more.
@hardcase after taking the vit D and B, ur period became more regular?

10 months ago

mysecrets (avatar)

mysecrets hi I've pcos too. trying to conceive was not easy but not impossible. after giving birth (many many yrs ago), my period has since become very very regular. the mystic of human body.... don't know what to expect.

10 months ago

Leavingforgood (avatar)

Leavingforgood I have pcos too!!!! And the doc in sg jus asked me to exercise- aerobic to jump the bubble off... and it works 😃

10 months ago

lihwa (avatar)

lihwa Hi I have PCOS, am ttc (in fact am under fertility treatment) and already in my mid 30s. For PCOS, lifestyle changes is important which was something I regretfully did not do when I discovered when I had PCOS during my early 30s. Like @hardcase said google all u can about PCOS, exercise, go on a low carb diet and up your supplements (folic acid, omega 3 epa dha, vitamins b and d, coq10, etc) as these can help improve egg quality (pcos patients tend to have bad egg quality despite having the quantity). Also you can ask your gynea if you should take metformin as it can help regulate your menstrual and ovulation cycle and control your weight too. Also try not to delay treatment (give yourself timelines and etc) if needed because as we go older our egg quality tend to worsen and other complications tend to arise..

10 months ago

flakeofsnow (avatar)

flakeofsnow @hlynn my period has always been rather regular albeit long cycles between 35-40 days. So I never expect myself to have pcos until the scan tell otherwise.

10 months ago

chooms (avatar)

chooms Hi! I have PCOS too! There was a point in time my period went vacation for 8 months wtf. Exercised more, went on Low carb diet, and got on this supplement called Inositol which helped a tons. My period is still not regular yet, like 40-50 days but much better than 6-8 months lah (although I used to save so much money from buying pads) HAHA

10 months ago

soops (avatar)

soops another fellow PCOS sufferer here! I was at my heaviest in 78kg at 5"2inch height when my gynaecologist told me the news. everything seems to make sense at that moment. I was told to cut carbs and sugar which I followed religiously until I lost 15 kg. Now I'm about still around 62~63kg ( I hardly weigh myself) but I feel so much better and period is finally regular again, except for those time when I'm having too much stress from work.

with proper eating, we can definitely make our body better but omg, cutting carbs was the worse thing I've ever done ahahaha.

10 months ago

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