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updated 1 year ago

Oh wow I just got tons of emails from you guys who are interested to read my paper, and that's so so so flattering! One of my biggest problems with academia is how little exposure each carefully-researched paper gets (usually only one reader - our professor hahaha) so this is really amazing 😱

While I know education is a very important topic especially since it concerns everybody (more so if you have kids), I do wanna say that my paper is NOT about comparing the Malaysian education system

VS the Singaporean education system. I can get into a discussion about that here broadly based on what I know but I can't advise you on which country is best for your child, or if you should consider migrating because of the education system!

That paper is specifically just about how parts of our national identities are shaped by the multicultural ideologies each country has (that are drastically different from each other, interestingly), nothing more! Sorry to disappoint haha


If you're interested, I'm writing my dissertation on the implications of privatisation in education on the larger system so I'm happy to discuss that in the future too. More so if you're unsure if you should consider private school vs public school.

If you're Singaporean, you actually don't have much to worry about given the strength of your public education (world number 1 ok!). Though of course I have my reservations on the stressful academic-oriented environment in general.

Wah woke up to so many emails from people wanting to read my paper!! Seriously, even established academics don't get this many readers, I'm so happy hahaha 😂😂😂

It's a 5,000 word paper so it's pretty long, warning you first! And again, I can't advise you on which education system is "better" k from this paper, but I'll write a post on what you could consider when thinking about education in general.

I've read your emails but will only reply later cos I don't have my laptop now, sorry!!

This is the first time I'm sharing a ride with someone else on Grab! So exciting, plus it's cheaper to share with the 50% off now. Even though I'm not saving much but I can never resist a discount *kiamsiap Suet

Gonna meet my favourite Audrey and Jude for lunch ❤️

Dropped Karthik off like the dutiful wife that I am (then spotted a mirror so...) and had my usual kuih for breakfast! Cheap and yummy, both my priorities in life wtf

My niece Amelia was so cute yesterday, secretly put her present for me in my bag then tell me to see it when I get back. She knows I'm leaving for London again already and her mom told me she cried to sleep last night :(

Her gift to me is a drawing of us that she made hahaha seriously too cute 😭😭😭 got hearts somemore

Btw if you're looking for a daycare for your kids, my cousin is running one in her house in BU 11/17! It makes sense for her now that she has 3 kids to take care of by herself. She does story time and activities with the kids too.

And she cooks all kinds of food for them. Lemme know if anyone needs her contact!

OMG this penny with 🍩
when I asked her to smile she smiled so earnestly hahaha

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Friday, 28 Apr 2017

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coffeetalkandcrimes (avatar)

coffeetalkandcrimes My first job had a lot to do with the digitisation of education and how it might help supplement a traditional education through digital means such as apps, lifelong learning and learning through play. It's a topic close to my heart, so I'm definitely fascinated by how private vs government education can impact kids, especially coz I'm a product of an SJK + SMK while my British partner is private school pedigree wtf.

1 year ago

coffeetalkandcrimes (avatar)

coffeetalkandcrimes And we definitely see a difference in how we learned/process learning and he's convinced that private school is the way to go but I'm more cincai lol.

1 year ago

twiddledee (avatar)

twiddledee I have always wondered about the widening bridge between kids in urban and rural areas as more and more kids in big cities are going into private/international schools. Will these kids grow up to be less understanding and perceptive of each other's realities?

1 year ago

sereneyoong (avatar)

sereneyoong Would you considering doing a paper on the Australia private/public school system? 😉

1 year ago

faramk (avatar)

faramk i would love to read your paper!!!

1 year ago

thebqz (avatar)

thebqz Please post it in your blog 😊

1 year ago

chiasing (avatar)

chiasing yes id love to give it a read :)

1 year ago

matzhuang (avatar)

matzhuang Oh yes! Would love to read yr term paper and dissertation too! So interesting! Pls share!

1 year ago

shalanegan (avatar)

shalanegan Maybe you can be a writer and publish your own book!! 😏😏

1 year ago

joannseng (avatar)

joannseng Maybe u should publish your paper in academic journals then everyone can read!

1 year ago

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