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Back in London 💂🇬🇧

Got this picture from an ex student today. If you remember, I used to run a reading project where I bought 10,000 books for my students so they can have more books at home. He just told me that he's kept them all nice and well for the last 4 years!

He said his brother reads them too now :')

Also, I'm back in London!

My biggest apologies to you guys whom I was supposed to send my paper to. I haven't done it for several reasons, mainly because I thought I'd only have to send it to 10 people max but over 150 of you requested to read it!

So I'm having troubles finding the best and most efficient way to reply to everyone/group you together so I can email you, and due to the number I was also advised to not send the whole paper so I'd need to summarize it first.

Promise I'd do so after I submit two papers next week!

Other than that, I guess I'm well and dandy. Missing my husband as usual, so I'm completely demotivated since I got back. I gave myself one week to recuperate so now I guess I need to get myself out of the slump! Which is so freaking hard 😭
But if there's a will...😩

Wah so busy today I had to eat lunch while walking to school!

I've been trying to sleep by 12 and wake up by 8 everyday since I got back and it's been fairly successful so far, though lately I've been snoozing more. I don't understand why a super chill student like me needs more than 8-9 hours of sleep! Guess studying and watching Netflix all day can be tiring lol

Anyway did yoga today for 30 mins so feel slightly healthier than normal!

Best thing about being a student in London is definitely the access to so many free seminars and lectures. I'm gonna try to attend 1-2 a week cos I'll definitely miss it a lot when I go back.

This is on the Young Lives study in India, Vietnam and Ethiopia. It's basically like PISA but a longitudinal study instead, with interesting findings on how students are performing as they progress through their education.

Back to eating avocados 😬 so good I've missed you!

More food lol. Had lunch with Aimee at this Turkish cafe near school (it's called Pitted Olive) and it was amazing!!!! 😘😘😘

Last weekend my childhood friend was over for a day in London so we met up for lunch. This Melbourne cafe serves pretty good coffee!

Thanks for lunch Kai ❤️❤️❤️ London is fast becoming a meeting point for me. Since I've been here, I've met with more than 20 old and new friends, people I don't normally meet with at home lol

Spent all weekend bingeing on Sense8 with Karthik who was watching at home too. This season was super good!!!!! Ahhh so sad I finished it but very happy with how the show has progressed from being all sex and orgies to such depth between the characters (with good sex scenes too of course hehe).
The wachowskis did an amazing job, always pushing boundaries with their visionary ideas of filmmaking.

My fav characters are Lit, Wolfgang and Sun! If you watch the show, who's yours??

Today's class is on institutionalized racism within the school structures and education system as we study the role of migrants, minorities and refugees. So interesting la this class, I love how the professor very encouragingly but firmly interrogates us so that we continue to challenge our assumptions on our beliefs.

The art of facilitating well is a tough skill to master, even harder than just the conventional teaching.

Which is why I'm against the idea of over advocating student-centered learning in schools without talking about training teachers to be good facilitators first. It's more than just putting students in groups working on projects and teachers walking around asking questions.

Day 130

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

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rachelyz (avatar)

rachelyz @sweatlee why don't you do a Google doc or any of its equivalent instead of having to email all 150 of those people ? Can just point them to the link 😅

1 year ago

aliciatcm (avatar)

aliciatcm @sweatlee can I have a copy as well

1 year ago

annaneo (avatar)

annaneo Hello I'm one of the 150 people HAHAHA anyway just wanted to say, you should definitely do all your other homework first before sending to us:) I'm sure we all support you getting good grades!!💪🏻💪🏻

1 year ago

jcccy (avatar)

jcccy Heheh would love to read too and I am willing to wait (;

1 year ago

pearltc (avatar)

pearltc Love Lito and Wolfgang too!

1 year ago

faithlkt (avatar)

faithlkt hi @sweatlee no hurry in sending us the papers ya. you should concentrate on your upcoming papers first. all the best!!

1 year ago

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