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Learning about the world of TTC

Wow this whole TTC world is so interesting with way too many acronyms! Following some of your advice to start sooner rather than later (in @sweatlee:210117), I've been reading more about it and it's indeed not as easy as I'd once naively assumed haha

Jotting this down for my own reference:

TTC : trying to conceive
DH : dear/darling husband
AF : Aunt Flo (period)
BD : baby dance aka sex lol
BFP : big fat positive
BFN : big fat negative
DPO : days past ovulation
OPK : ovulation prediction kit

After spending so many years avoiding pregnancy, it's so weird to be embarking on this journey of "just come inside me" hahaha

Oh there's TWW too, meaning two week wait, the two weeks between ovulation and getting your AF. Which apparently is really agonizing cos you're anxious to know if your egg has been inseminated by that one brave and competitive sperm, but can't do anything but wait.

And I can imagine how desperate it must feel for women on this #TTC journey cos you literally only have

ONE chance a month to enter the competition wtf and it must feel frustrating if you go through the whole motion, then the TWW, and then you get a BFN and have to try again and again and again.

Check it out, I'm using the acronyms like a pro! Haha.

Anyway it's now my TWW but I'm pretty sure it'll be a BFN since I only ovulated when I got back to London.'s really strange to be documenting something so personal to be read by thousands of people, but I figured since we're mostly women

And I'd rather pen this down in case I forget + it helps to be contributing to the community too so yeah..
now do you feel like we're connected at a much deeper level wtf

The sad part is we'll have to wait 4 months to try again next but issokay cos our journey just began!

We had a BBQ today cos the weather was amazing and it was sunny out! This kids are too adorable 😘

My old friend and mentor, Joyce, is in London for the weekend so we were a bit touristy today checking out st Paul's cathedral and the millennium bridge.

Then we went to this super interesting cocktail bar that has a BOOK of all their drinks with thorough explanation of their origin and even a whole back story about each drink. Awesome, but also pricey la haha. The ambience is amazing though!

Day 133

Saturday, 13 May 2017

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SleepySleeperson (avatar)

SleepySleeperson All the best 😊

1 year ago

hansliana (avatar)

hansliana take it easy :)

1 year ago

sun73 (avatar)

sun73 Good luck to you! We've been trying for more than a year but no luck yet 😟

1 year ago

growingwiththetans (avatar)

growingwiththetans All the best! Yes, good to start early, and seek help early if you think there's something wrong. I'll always regret not seeing a doc earlier, but thank God we managed to conceive via IVF in the end.

1 year ago

Dimplesofmine (avatar)

Dimplesofmine Baby dust for you !

1 year ago

allykay88 (avatar)

allykay88 All the best and have fun dancing 😝 they say when you're relaxed, turned on and having fun more likely to hit! Sending you positive baby vibes! πŸ’–

1 year ago

omamee (avatar)

omamee All the very best!!! Best advise we've gotten was to take it easy and go with the flow! So hard to practice cos every other month also wishing to hit jackpot. But surprise surprise, once we stopped trying madly, jackpot happened! Have fun @sweatlee!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

1 year ago

alyxarose (avatar)

alyxarose Sperm can live in body for up to 7 days so even if u ovulated after, theres still a chance of getting pregnant...i only found out this fact after i (accidentally) became pregnant πŸ™ŠπŸ˜¬ good luck! πŸ˜‰

1 year ago

loiswong (avatar)

loiswong Baby dust to you, πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 😊

1 year ago

poppycornshin (avatar)

poppycornshin Omg congratulations on starting the journey!!!

1 year ago

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