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Last weekend: Ipoh edition

Hahaha Karthik looks like he's damn angry that I'm taking yet another selfie lolol
Actually it's just his silly poses, he secretly loves selfies 😬

Its my last weekend here :( So we decided to go on a road trip to ipoh with my mom and sis in law!
Traffic was horrendous and we took more than 4 hours to get here. I was taking a few "annoyed at the traffic" pics and my MIL asked why I don't smile so this is my attempt at smiling while annoyed at traffic haha

Ate and drank so muchhh
The white coffee in this place (opposite nam heong) is so good πŸ‘ the CCF too is amazing.

Chicken with hor fun at Cowan street was yum too. My IG story is filled with food pics this weekend haha

Omg this pic looks delicious I could eat it hahaha. Moonlight hor fun at tuck kee was awesome! I'll look through my photo album and weep every night next week 😩

Weather was awesome yesterday! I never knew it could drop below 27 in Malaysia.
Well then again, it's 0 freaking celcius in London now in may. Insane.

Ipoh is insanely packed with people this weekend, especially young people taking pictures everywhere. Old ones like me just take pictures of them from the comfort of the car hahaha

Wah we're so touristy today. Checking out the cave temple cos we absolutely can't eat anymore *weak

Karthik and Rubi who's back for the holidays (she lives in London). Don't you think they look like carbon copies of each other??

I turned him into female on FaceApp last time and he looked exactly like her there. Proof:

LOLOL right??

So good this laksa! With Yong tau foo at the big tree hawker. I was so full at this point that I felt like hibernating the rest of the day and not move at all.

But Karthik really wanted to try this milkcow ice cream so we relented and got one to share. It was super good πŸ˜‚ tasted like very thick milk but was a bit too much after a few spoons.

Sorry I haven't been able to email my paper out as I've been away!

But I just read this study done by CIMB and Oxford which talks about what I wrote in my paper too.

"We found that Malaysians seem to live alongside each other, but apart – having little meaningful interaction with people from other races for most of their lives, preferring instead to spend time with people from their own racial groups; about 90% of Malay respondents, 80% of Chinese respondents and 70% of Indian respondents

reported that almost all of their friends were from their own respective racial groups (see Table 1)."

Read more about it here:

(Oops although you can't click on the link, can just google for it?)

It even laid out strategies which are data-driven and pragmatic too. Can't wait to read the rest of the study!

Day 120

Sunday, 30 Apr 2017

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godangel (avatar)

godangel Hi is that cold in London? I checked is abt 11c there

1 year ago

MichaelQuay (avatar)

MichaelQuay @godangel London weather is unpredictable . It was 0 degree last week . It will always keep changing πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

rachel89 (avatar)

rachel89 There is milkcow icecream in Mid Valley too 😁

1 year ago

butterflynn (avatar)

butterflynn Just a heads up - London's weather is abit erratic even though it's supposed to be summer soon. I've been here for about a month now, so prepare for about 5-9 degrees, and alternate hail and sunshine.... πŸ˜“

1 year ago

heydiary (avatar)

heydiary Hi. I am seeking for more advice/tips on how to survive on a very demanding and tough job. Not sure where to seek but after reading how Karthik strive for many hours per day with little sleep (for myself I haven't been sleeping peacefully because I have too many tasks on hand, and in everyday there isn't enough time for me to complete the tasks, therefore I have been sleeping very little as well), how does he keep awake the very next day at work and this continues basically everyday maybe till weekend, it becomes a little more relax, but the work continues on weekend as well. Sorry as I am at a point of breaking down. Really needed some advice. Hope karthik and you are kind enough to share. How to go finish the tasks with demanding deadline and yet every 24hours (one day) is really not enough

1 year ago

heydiary (avatar)

heydiary It is draining me physically mentally and spiritually. Any advice on how to overcome all the tiredness. πŸ˜”

1 year ago

heydiary (avatar)

heydiary And also how to overcome the very stressful environment with demanding bosses😒🀝 thank you very much in advance

1 year ago

heydiary (avatar)

heydiary How to stay discipline and keep continue to work late at night and not going to bed to sleep even though already feeling very drained from the day of work/travel to and fro work/facing client and bosses?

Sorry I am nervous typing all these and left out some questions that's why it's in a few comments.

1 year ago

ichigomochi (avatar)

ichigomochi Karthik and Rubi are really carbon copies!! omg hahaha

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @godangel yeah like @MichaelQuay said, it's really erratic! it was hailing then suddenly slightly warmer​ again.

@rachel89 ooh I didn't know! it's yums :)

@butterflynn sigh I thought when I get back it's gonna be at least 20c everyday! I'm not even planning to bring my coat back. die

@heydiary hey I hope you're holding on and got a somewhat better rest this long weekend! it's indeed very stressful especially working on a new job with tough bosses. I've asked @krthkk to respond to you so he'll do so soon! hang in there k ❀️

@ichigomochi yeah hahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so!

1 year ago

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