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Malaysian goodness

Morning! Just sent Karthik to work and I'm now eating breakfast before going to meet my ex colleagues for lunch πŸ˜€
Had to rush out today cos he has a morning meeting so I had to do my makeup in the car and it turned out nicer than normal! I think the stress of being super careful so I won't poke my eyes out and the vibration of the car helped wtf

Not so rich Tai Tai's breakfast of kuih and kopi ais lolol
I super love cekodok pisang, it's one of the things I missed most about home hahaha

And goreng pisang 😁😁😁
I just weighed myself and I've gained 1kg since I came back a week ago hahaha oh well 🀷🀷🀷

Only the best appam ever! Went to the temple with Karthik and his mom last Sunday for his dad's death anniversary prayers (annual tradition) then had this appam in Sentul after. So crispy and so soft and so flavourful πŸ‘Œ

Jungle gym after with the kids! 😘

Surprise, we have twins! This is why I've been hiding in London wtf

Breakfast with Jiameei and Aud to celebrate @jmeei 's birthday! Eh JM you forgot to pass me the bridesmaid card for me to document online!
Anyway she's getting married yayyyyy! then we can all be tai tais together except that we need to work still, but at least we'll all be in KL together from next year onwards! 10 years of friendship yo

(Btw did you realize how my face looks different in all the pics with me in this post? Power of different angles​ and smiles lol)

Wah yesterday so happy we had Korean BBQ and I didn't have to cook for others for the first time! Just sat back while the waiter cooked for us and was very appreciative cos I know how sucky it feels to do this everyday and get ignored for it 😒

Omgggggggg so good. Went to meet my ex colleagues near masjid jamek and this place (kader) has the best Maggi goreng and fried onions 😍😍

Third massage in a week 😱😱😱 to make up for the last 7 months and next 4 months without one heh heh heh #luxuriesIcantlivewithout

Oh sorry the pic super dark hahaha just pretend I'm not lying to you and took a random pic in the dark la

Day 109

Wednesday, 19 Apr 2017

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jmeei (avatar)

jmeei Hahaha oh no I forgot all about it, thanks for reminding πŸ™ˆ will pass to you this weekend with if I see you!
And I'll cook the meat for you during Korean BBQ anytime /shy (haha cos I like doing it)

1 year ago

goldwing (avatar)

goldwing @sweatlee I didn't know bawang goreng can be ordered!

1 year ago

happilyeverafter (avatar)

happilyeverafter Alamak thought that's ikan bilis!

1 year ago

acidburn711 (avatar)

acidburn711 pisang goreng :)

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @jmeei got excuse to meet up again!!!
@goldwing it's sooo good but probably really bad for you too hahaha
@happilyeverafter haha so much better!
@acidburn711 I always call it goreng pisang haha

1 year ago

bubblycha (avatar)

bubblycha enjoy your holiday!!! :)

1 year ago

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