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Happy Deepavali from us! Forgot to take a pic of my Deepavali outfit but it's nothing grand, just Punjabi suit. I used to be really excited and would wear sarees in the previous Deepavali but now married already then lazy. Plus it takes 30+ mins to wear and is white uncomfortable to walk around in haha

But at least I've got my bindi on so quite authentic la haha. And got Indian husband next to me so another level up on authenticity wtf

Btw haven't updated this on dayre, but we've moved into a new house! Our previous house was only a one bedroom and was pretty far away so we've decided to move closer to the city and got a 3-bedroom so my mother in law can move in with us.

Because I'm unemployed and super free, spent the last few weeks really decorating the house! But had to do it really cheaply cos..well it's me and I'm stingy + unemployed so no money.

Got these artwork from Etsy for $18, printed myself for RM3 each.

Then got these frames from Ikea for RM40 each and got @jmeei to help me put them up! Since she's equally as free as me hahaha. Putting up frames are not easy wei, we spent 2 hours ensuring we got them aligned properly!

I used the 3M command tape for this which is not cheap but apparently it won't leave stains on the wall. I'm renting so definitely can't drill/nail. Also, the tape is Velcro so we can remove the frames easily and replace the artwork! Love it.

It's not easy choosing the right prints to display though. I spent close to 2 hours in the frame section in Ikea just to envision how the frames would look like. And spent a whole day on Etsy finding different prints and downloading them and using an app to paste on my wall to see how they'll look with my sofa and house hahahaha.

I wanted the tropical leaves and foliage cos they're the in thing now but husband was like no pls my house is not a jungle so we chose the abstract art instead 😒

Did up the empty space next to my bookshelf too. The gold pineapple is free from Pinterest, and I did the calligraphy using PowerPoint and download a calligraphy font lol. It's the phrase we used in our program book during wedding.

Balloons we stole from cars at Ikea one day. We were celebrating karthik's birthday and so happened they put balloons on all the cars for some event which I'm sure not everyone wanted (lie we told ourselves) so we helped them by taking the balloons away hahaha 😶

Jiameei super onz, wanted to take 10+ balloons and I was like eh later the guard catch us and we have to run around the carpark hahahaha. Plus the balloons had like "IPC shopping center, come back!" printed on them wtf

Anyway I not so kiamsiap la I bought these as well for his party. Quite expensive k everything is like RM60 altogether for just air haha

Our dining table also arrived recently ! Previously we never had one cos our house was so small, and we delayed buying one cos they're always so expensive. Then a good friend offered to buy us one for wedding gift!!

So tadaaaa we love it so much. Actually we should've gotten a bigger one cos we have friends over all the time, but it's ok next time when our family gets bigger 😀

Also going to get more plants so that we have clean air everyday wtf. Husband is very against having plants cos he doesn't like dirt but I will prove to him that plants can be clean and low maintenance. Hopefully will be fine coming from someone who has never owned a plant before (not even cactus).

The rattan chair is my absolute favorite! Taken from karthik's old house and belonged to his grandma. Pretty old but very comfy and looks damn cool leh

This is the plant I wanna get for my living room. It looks like the fig tree plant but not sure if it's the same. Anyone has this indoors and can advise if it's easy to take care of? It's around RM100 for one, as opposed to RM250 for a fake one! Plus real one can help purify air, fake one only collects dust.

Btw, I didn't and probably won't post this on other platforms, but..


I don't think I'll share too much here too unless I make it private, cos it's just too traumatic even after so many years. Long story short, someone I was going out with violated my trust and I blamed myself for it for many years after. I only came to terms with it being an actual sexual assault much later but a part of me still thinks it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't allowed it.

Which is why I never wanted to share previously, cos if it was a random encounter in the train/with strangers

I would have been angrier and more vocal. But this happened when I was "old enough" to take care of myself and I did consciously put myself in a position of vulnerability.

But I know it's still wrong. Any abuse of power, position and physical strength is wrong. I don't think he will ever know how much hurt it has caused me for more than half my life and how ashamed I've been of myself.

Actually just writing this now is causing me so much distress. Not so much of what happened but

Of how I will be perceived by others, whether you know me or not. I never even told my parents, family or close friends because of this judgement. But why is it that I feel shameful about something wrong that was done unto me without consent? (I know why, just a rhetorical question haha)

Anyway, I hope we'll all find strength to stand up for what's right, even if that causes pain and embarrassment to ourselves or others. That's what I would want my future daughter(s) to do.

Omg this post suddenly took a very different turn. Sorry about that 😔

Why did no one tell me how amazing these things are???! Fish cake and fish balls from family Mart, so good and so cheap! Except that I couldn't find a place to sit so had to stand and eat next to the trash can like some loser haha. But issokay cos I was devouring my fish cake with a lot of enthusiasm.

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Thursday, 19 Oct 2017

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cdg88135407 (avatar)

cdg88135407 I would feel kiamsiap about buying balloons too, you're right, its just air XD

11 months ago

acloudyday (avatar)

acloudyday hello suet, may I know what app did u use that enable u to stick the frames up virtually in the living room? thank u in advance!

11 months ago

loiswong (avatar)

loiswong halo @sweatlee ,i wanted to know too the app name, looks good before you can decide which to go for the house decor. TIA 😀

11 months ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @acloudyday @loiswong the app is called cut paste! haha I just chose the first one that appeared on app store when I searched cut paste #unoriginal

@kitkats and they're not cheap man, only last a few hours but what to do, looks nice

11 months ago

aboutwang (avatar)

aboutwang Sexual aggression towards women and entitlement because "men are men" is so ever prevalent in society. If we go somewhere alone with a guy or he becomes aroused by our presence it becomes our duty to provide gratification whether we want to, intended it or not. Please know it's not our fault when we're put in an unfair position of being the "weaker". Speaking up or not in the moment is a consequence of the power imbalance placed on us in those situations not for lack our personal strength.

11 months ago

aboutwang (avatar)

aboutwang Having these conversations and sharing our stories is what changes the perception what women are and what we're entitled to (safety, consent, enjoyment). Slowly, slowly, things will change. I hope.

11 months ago

jmeei (avatar)

jmeei I’m on 🌳🌲 standby!

11 months ago

sunflower999 (avatar)

sunflower999 that is fiddle leaf fig. Quite low maintenance. I plan to get one for my place too. Hard to buy here at the moment.

11 months ago

iamjayny (avatar)

iamjayny i have that fig tree too (or whatever that it's called). i bought a small one (like waist height, im only 156cm 😂) for rm38. i kept it indoors for quite some time and im told to bring it out for sunbathing once a week for an hour or 2. and we stupidly thought sunbathing at 1pm is ok. and our plant got sunburned wtf 😂 but apart from that it has been doing quite well indoors / semi outdoor. just make sure not to over water and give it some sun once in a while if u keep in indoor. (i have brown fingers but i think im getting better after so many failures on indoor plants lol)

11 months ago

pekjia (avatar)

pekjia Hi @sweatlee, love ur dining table! May i know know where to gt it n how much?

11 months ago

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