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Remember that time when...

I'm still awake now at 2.30am because I just spent a ridiculous amount of time reading my old blog entries and comments. Someone recently told me that she found my entry on my breakup helpful and I wanted to see what I wrote...and just couldn't get out of the rabbit hole.

Anyone reads my blog from way back when?

It was such an interesting and yet depressing phase of my life. Transitioning from a long-term relationship that was very public, to one that was very much a taboo.

I couldn't talk about that next relationship much and had to hide behind many cryptic emo posts cos it was pretty (psychologically) abusive, and there were a lot of ugly details that I still don't openly talk about now but I wish I could as it might be helpful to warn others, especially young girls.

I was young, and naive, and was in denial and refused to see what others were telling me, which is why I can understand why it's hard to get out of something that you know is bad for you.

Maybe I will put it in a password protected post in my blog someday. It's been 7 years since so I've definitely moved on from everything (plus of course I've met my husband since then).

The hard part is I'd have to put another very personal chunk of myself up for scrutiny but knowing the potential of it being helpful to others would hopefully trump the judgment that may follow.

It's all part of growing up after all and being able to make mistakes and learn from it is a sign of being human?

Thanks everyone for the support and for sticking with me through thick and thin! Can't believe we've all grown alongside each other for over 10 years now :)

I'm inspired to write about my experience above but under one requirement, that I want to hear back from you once you hear my story so it's two ways instead of just you passively learning more about me. I'm trying to find ways to really connect with others and their experiences too so hopefully that'll work..


(Omg this sticker is so apt hahaha)

Anyway my friend Tim is helping to fix some stuff with my blog so once that's done I'll use it again since I can make my posts private there. Will let you guys know :)

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Thursday, 8 Jun 2017

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eternalelegance (avatar)

eternalelegance I read it then, from the very start until the break-up. Glad you had found someone whom you are and will be comfortable with for a lifetime!

1 year ago

szeyin87 (avatar)

szeyin87 Me! Miss reading your blog 😊

1 year ago

faramk (avatar)

faramk same here!!!i love reading your blog from the beginning of it!

1 year ago

gtanmy89 (avatar)

gtanmy89 I was one of your readers back then and I did went and read back your posts recently! I'm glad you found your love now 😃

1 year ago

nicoleena (avatar)

nicoleena I used to read your blog!

1 year ago

footstepsonearth (avatar)

footstepsonearth It was my favourite blog!!

1 year ago

melimandoo (avatar)

melimandoo Longtime reader here as well! ❤️

1 year ago

apple4today (avatar)

apple4today Lots of love! Been reading since before you go to the states

1 year ago

wen3sa (avatar)

wen3sa i loved reading your blog entries! waaaaay bck before u left for studies in US.

1 year ago

Thesuperficial (avatar)

Thesuperficial Hi suet. I've been reading your blog since I was in uni. That's more than 10 years!!! Still enjoy reading your posts here

1 year ago

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