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Holiyay! (Budapest + Berlin)

Halo so I've disappeared from dayre again, and in a blink of an eye, I'm almost done with my year here in London! 😱

I spent the last few weeks writing like mad. Writing at home, writing in cafes, writing in libraries, writing with friends, writing alone. And.....

I've written a grand total of 17,500 words!!!

That's 38 pages of words and words and words 😱

I still have 3,000 more to go but already I feel like a very seasoned writer hahaha

Write until I got lotsa pimples on my face also wtf

Last week I went on a trip with my friends to Budapest and Berlin! One of my goals here is to not just study hard but to play hard too, so I'm trying to travel as much as I can afford to.

Budapest is super nice, gives off a Prague vibe and things are so cheap. This is the art nouveau bath house that we went to, where we got to soak in thermal bath surrounded by old art statues and decor 😍

This is from Google image cos I didn't bother taking pics inside. Traditionally, baths were separated by gender hence why only males here!

So there are several baths: 37celcius, 40 celcius, 14celcius, and outdoor normal wave pool and hot bath. Initially we weren't so sure cos there was a freaking heat wave in Europe when we were there so temperature was like 38-40c outside!!! Hot like mad still wanna go thermal bath??

But surprisingly it was really really nice to soak in hot water still 🤗

Our fav thing to do is soak in the hot 40c one, then quickly go into the freezing 14c one, then go back into the hot one hahaha. Felt so numb but refreshed after!

Then walked around beautiful Budapest leisurely. It's good to be on holiday indeed 😍

So glad we came here eventhough flights were more expensive. Meals here are only £3-5 and beers are £1.50, plus you get this view!

Only thing is we were one of the only few Asians here so always kept getting "ni hao!" Or "konichiwa". They'd get confused cos there were Indians in the group too so we'd always get weird looks haha

After 3 days in Budapest, off we went to Berlin to get some bratwurst and schnitzel! Gone was my vegetarian diet for a few days haha.

Ooh caught a rainbow in front of the Berlin dome!

One with Rae 😘

In Berlin, most of what you'd see surround the history of the Holocaust. This is the famous Holocaust memorial, comprising of 1711 slabs of concrete to remember the murdered Jews. It's meant to create a feeling of loneliness and helplessness when you walk inside cos it's pretty much a maze.

The Sandemans walking tour is also highly recommended here! Our tour guide was really good, she explained the history of the rise of Nazis, the Holocaust and the history of Berlin with such sensitivity and grace.

Where we're standing on now is the bunker where Hitler killed himself. No signs nothing to not celebrate and glorify him. Also made into a carpark now to represent the banality and how unceremonial everything about him is.

At the east side gallery where a large chunk of the Berlin Wall had graffitis all over. Super nice, must go check it out if you visit.

My serious somber face looks angry cos I don't just have bitchy resting face, I have very angry resting face too hahaha

All four of us in front of the Brandenburg Tor ❤️ the weather in Berlin was perfect - sunny and 21celcius.

Then when I was in Berlin I got the best news ever! @sharoncannon went into labor and gave birth to this beautiful baby boy - my first nephew 😭😭😭😭😭

He looks SOOOO much like her (and me to a certain extent) so I'm very happy hahaha. But he has Peter's blue eyes and high nose la so good good, best of both worlds hahaha!

Can't wait to see him very soon!

Thinking hard about the state of the world while he sleeps. He has bruises cos he was extracted using a forcep wtf lol sorry baby, you gotta come out now.

Sigh newborns are so precious, but also so much work. Thankfully my mom is here to help out and to cook, but I'm not looking forward to my turn (yet) cos sis says it's really painful, plus I'm so used to 9 hours of sleep every night.... #priorities

Andddd...back to reality.

Mom used to tell me to study hard so I won't end up washing dishes. How leh mummy, the harder I study the more dishes I have to wash one wtf

But working part-time in this cafe is the only reason why I could travel around Europe so frequently. Not very glamourous but that's what life is. Plus I get to do other fun stuff like prepare food and eat for free too so it's not all that bad 😂 plus I'll never get to do this again when I go back so must appreciate it more.

Also, I've picked up a very useful skill of being able to wash all these dishes and dry them in under 10 mins without breaking anything. I'm better than a dishwasher + I get a good arm workout wtf

Also, I'm almost done with my dissertation. I can't believe this. I've never written so much in my life before and I'm so close to getting my masters 😭😭😭

Actually I think the fact that I've blogged for more than a decade really helped, I write very fast one eventhough I only use my two index fingers when I type. It looks retarded but you'll be wowed by my super lightning speed.

It's like tap tap tap tap tap whoa 18,696 words done 👩‍🎓

Day 225

Sunday, 13 Aug 2017

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helloen (avatar)

helloen Jia you!!!!

1 year ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Congrats for finishing dissertation!! 🎉🎉

1 year ago

linseylinn (avatar)

linseylinn Your last line 😂 And also, "study harder, wash dishes more" 😂
Oh and congratulations! 🎉

1 year ago

cherrylilwolf (avatar)

cherrylilwolf Just wanna leave a comment to say hi to fellow index fingers typer! 😂 seriously ppl r always amazed at the speed I type with just 2 fingers 😅

1 year ago

iamjayny (avatar)

iamjayny your nephew look like you! 😂

1 year ago

curryegg (avatar)

curryegg Congratulation both on the thesis progress and new nephew!
Budapest seems like a beautiful to Visit :D
share more~

1 year ago

ctsyy (avatar)

ctsyy it will be interesting to see u speed type with two index fingers!

1 year ago

jforjiayan (avatar)

jforjiayan I thought your Nephew looks so much like you too!! From the thumbnail really Super alike!!

1 year ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy Congratulations to your family! What a gorgeous baby 😍 I loved loved Berlin and Budapest so nice seeing the familiar spots in your pics

1 year ago

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