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Shanshan in πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ’‚‍♀️

Guess who's in London this last week???

Shanshan, my best friend from college! We're celebrating our 10-year friendniversary this year so she's visiting me for a week.

When she got here, London was experiencing heatwave so this is a sticky and sweaty pic of us in the bus. 34 celcius can you believe it??

So bad I had to get a fan lol
Even then it wasn't enough and I had to shower 3 times a day. Got a taste of home I guess!

Went to borough market and had fish and chips of course!

And fancy sunset dinner overlooking river thames and the city 😍

Me with duck

Super good view! This restaurant is at the oxo tower. They were really nice, we only ordered a main and starter and wine to share and sat there for 3 hours and they never once made us feel uncomfortable.

Quite rare since most nice places care more about how much you order and how long you stay. London is nice but it can be posh as hell so might feel out of place if you don't spend a lot in nice places.

As beautiful as ever!

The hydrangeas in the V&A museum is just too gorgeous 😍 ombre colour somemore!

Best photo background ever. Remember to check out the garden if you do go to the museum!

❀️ just like old times. Can't believe we've known each other for 10 years 😱

Earl grey scone with clotted cream 😘

This guide is super awesome! Remember to do the free guide when you're in the museums, they're always really worth it. Of cos worth it la it's free haha. Our guide is so passionate about all the artworks and their history so it was really enjoyable and insightful!

Another one of the garden 😍

Best park in London IMO! Regent's park and primrose hill 😬

Day 175

Saturday, 24 Jun 2017

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jerrybb (avatar)

jerrybb both shan shan and you are looking stunning!

1 year ago

jinglovescake (avatar)

jinglovescake The best part is that you both haven't aged one bit after 10 years, both still so pretty *pervy* 😻

1 year ago

allycontrary (avatar)

allycontrary Still a big shanshan fan after 10 years!!! 😍

1 year ago

soops (avatar)

soops goodness, Shanshan looks the same after all these years! she's a lot more tanned now though!

1 year ago

dreayh (avatar)

dreayh Where is shan shan from? ☺️

1 year ago

ichigomochi (avatar)

ichigomochi Shanshan looks like she doesn't age one bit! Still as pretty as ever 😍 btw those hydrangeas are gorgeous!!!

1 year ago

lynnnnn (avatar)

lynnnnn Haha all the comments above about how Shan Shan hasn't aged a bit - I thought the same too - which also means all of us have been reading your blog since your college days!

11 months ago

Purpur (avatar)

Purpur love ShanShan 😍

11 months ago

thecakewhisperer (avatar)

thecakewhisperer I reckon ShanShan's face should be on everything. Spokesperson for everything in the universe wtf 😍 just so classically stunning.

11 months ago

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