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Students passing their SPM..

Yesterday I was talking to my ex student when he told me that he passed his SPM English which was such an incredible news because he couldn't read when I used to teach him in form 1 and 2.

Like seriously can't understand and read words like "here" and "there", so we had to start from Peter and Jane book 1A.

So to hear that he's passed his SPM.. wow. He must have worked so so so hard for it! 😭

Found this old pic of me tutoring them at home using a broken wardrobe door as table on top of cardboard box hahaha.

Sadly, he also told me that 2 of the kids in this pic didn't even do their SPM, as one of them left school after form 4 to work, and the other just didn't turn up during the exam.

While I was happy that he passed his SPM, the reality is he actually still couldn't converse in English at all. The road is still so long for these kids and the odds are always going to be up against them sadly. I don't know how I feel about this.

These are my first sets of students when I first started teaching. I watched them grow from bright-eyed kids on the first day of secondary school to being really naughty teenagers to now being adults!

But knowing that even if they have worked so hard from not being able to read to now passing SPM, they're still going to face tremendous amount of inequity and challenges in life. They're just these tiny little fishes swimming against the current everyday, with more and more obstacles blocking their paths and no one to protect them along the way.

Tbh it's depressing thinking about the scale of inequity in Msia and globally. It's just too unfair and yet it's normal, how is that even possible??

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Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

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Jthebooboo (avatar)

Jthebooboo @sweatlee awww.. I'm sure you are as happy as their mom!! ☺️ thank you for having the passion to reach out to all the kids out there to improve their standard of language. Hats off to you, babe!! You are truly amazing.

1 year ago

Thesuperficial (avatar)

Thesuperficial I totally agree with you! I've started tutoring last year and their standards are atrocious. We had form 5 kids who didn't know the most basic English words and even basic addition 😭 one of the students reported back her spm results as well and she passed all her subjects too! Which I'm happy about but I also can't help but wonder if it's just a reflection of how low the standard is. But she was so cute that when I congratulated her she apologized to me for not scoring an A in math.

1 year ago

lautw (avatar)

lautw your last sentence is so true "it's just too unfair and yet it's normal"..
if think more thoroughly actually even they score a good grade in spm it's still not guaranteed they can have a smooth life afterwards. Just that, they will face different type of challenges like inflation, cost of living, career & etc.. Life is a journey full of obstacles.. sometimes it make me think that is it we are just too greedy and not satisfied with what we have now and we craving for more thing make us more suffering.. so although they can't do well in study, but if they have a happy life, I think they are living far more better than all of us.. just my 2cents...

1 year ago

mindylms (avatar)

mindylms this entry is so touching yet heart wrenching πŸ˜”

1 year ago

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