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Going home!

Hello Dayreans! I've been away for far too long, hope you're still around!

Omg I've been away for almost a month 😱 I didn't even blog about my trip to Paris, and Brighton, and my adventures writing papers and shopping wtf #studentlife

But I'm excited to share that I'm jumping on the plane home tomorrow! Woohoo βœˆοΈπŸ›©οΈπŸ›«πŸ›¬ balik rumah!

I still have my dissertation after this so I'm only home for 3 weeks but I really can't wait man. I haven't seen my husband in 3 months which feels more like 3 years 😟

Ok quick recap. I finally saw the Eiffel tower for the first time! Can't believe this structure here is the most iconic structure in the world and it feels surreal to see it in real life. But not as surreal as when I saw Taj Mahal which is much more grand!

Went to a lot small quaint cafes with Floor while the rest did other touristy stuff. I decided to skip going into the cathedrals and enjoy being a local instead which was a good decision! Most of the cathedrals are pretty much the same in Europe anyway.

Went to Sacre Coeur to take "candid shots" haha. The sun was out so everyone was just so happy, which made me love Paris more!

Aih sucks that I have to cut off my pictures but I can't be bothered resizing them.
@dayre what happened to your sizing feature! No one does 1:1 anymore so change it la. I feel like I've complained about this before already hahaha *fussy

"Candid" 2

She got the coat at a thrift store we went to btw which is so gorgeous on her!

"candid" 3 with Sacre Coeur at the back ❀️

If you go to Paris, come here k to get a panoramic view of the city (Sacre Coeur)! The pink bags are our thrift store finds haha super happy with them πŸ‘

The gelato from Grom is worth queueing up for! Also if you wanna just explore and not do touristy stuff, I recommend going to the le Marais neighbourhood. There are a few good thrift stores, cafes, shops etc and people there are mostly locals.

Chose to go into musee d'orsay instead of the Louvre so I can see van Gogh's self portrait (over Mona Lisa haha). The collection there is bigger too but unfortunately I had to pay €12 cos I'm over 26 ☹️ old people also can be poor k!

Random pic of a friend taking pic of me and Eiffel tower haha

Laduree is better than Pierre Hermes by the way! But I'll only eat it once la so expensive.

Speaking of which, meals in Paris are sooooo expensive!!! I thought London is expensive but Paris is about 30% more. Crazy, a normal sit down meal would be €15-20 without alcohol k.

This macaron is €2+ each (RM10 for two bites lol)

Oh btw I came to Paris cos it's a school trip wtf
We went to visit the OECD (the organisation that does the PISA) with our whole program & most of us extended the trip to 4 days!

I've heard pretty bad things about Paris so I lowered my expectations and had so much fun! Besides the expensive meals, Paris is definitely a great city to visit. The romantic vibe is everywhere and the buildings are so pretty, plus the people I've met are realllllly nice, unlike what others have told me!

Wah rereading my post so far and realized I sound so excited with all these exclamation marks lol. But aside from Paris I haven't done anything that exciting la cos I needed to finish my papers before going home (nope only finished 1, will attempt to do the other 1 in the long plane ride hahaha).

But yesterday I spent 4 hours in primark WTF

Because my best friend Esther wanted me to buy some baby clothes for her daughter, and I wanted to buy for my cousin's kids too (the twin babies and Amelia). Apparently it's super duper cheap in comparison to home?
T-shirts are £1.30 and other stuff are all around £2-5!

So yeah I spent 90% of this £152 on just baby clothes and the bag was 5x the size of what I bought for myself hahaha

The only thing you have to contend with is the crowd la haha primark is always packed. Anyway, see, t-shirts for RM7 each! Which sounds a lot now but £1.30 is literally spare change.

Bodysuits for £7 for a pack of 7, sleeping suits for £6.50 for a pack of 3, socks for £2-3 a pack of 3. Esther said it's super cheap so I believe her....She better give them to me when I have my kid hahaha

My luggage is 80% baby clothes hahaha

Oh man the weather was so nice today (25celcius!) And I've been stuck at home packing and cleaning and doing other things besides writing my paper hahah. Too excited to go back tomorrow so not motivated to write! But I'll suffer when I'm back....

Actually this long distance relationship thing is so interesting la when you're married. It feels sooo different compared to when I was younger cos I'm so much more emotionally and mentally stable now wtf

Like I won't be upset if we can't speak often (we text everyday but can only video call like every few days cos of our schedules) and use the time to invest in myself instead. What this means is usually just studying or watching shows or going out la haha nothing too productive.

But it's really good for us cos we get to learn to be on our own and not overly rely on each other. We've lived together for 3 years before we got married and when you live together you know how you take each other's

Presence for granted sometimes. Like you'll be physically together but you're not really spending the time to bond or deepen your relationship most of the time.

So yeah I think being away has really helped us do that more which is so amazing. Of course the distance sucks too and we're constantly missing each other, but it'll make our reunions so much sweeter!

Like in two days!!! Also, important question to those who are in an #LDR too:

Do you suddenly feel shy or awkward in that first moment when you're together after not seeing each other for a long time?

I told Karthik I felt that the last time and he was like nooo he never felt that at all. Tipu!! Hahaha it's like I dunno how to behave with him anymore when all I've seen the last few months was him on my phone screen.

Surely I'll feel that way again this time hehe. Funny how I could still feel that way eventhough we've known each other for so long.

Day 99

Sunday, 9 Apr 2017

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leiluu (avatar)

leiluu Pack of 3 sleeping suits can cost up to $120RM. Primark is very very very cheap.

1 year ago

ilikebacon222 (avatar)

ilikebacon222 Hi, how's the weather like in Paris? Like is it cold or just alright etc haha. I'll be heading there sometime next week!

1 year ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy So nice to see an update from you! I love Grom too their whipped cream is 😍

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @ilikebacon222 i was there last month so might have changed, google their weather?

1 year ago

leannsow (avatar)

leannsow Yeap, its very cheap.. i bought a lot for my friend when i was there last month

1 year ago

Jothedreamerz (avatar)

Jothedreamerz I spent 150 pounds in less than 30mins in Primark LondonπŸ˜… There's tax refund too so it added up to about 135 poundsπŸ‘πŸ»

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @leiluu wah that's insane! just baby clothes wor, I wouldn't even spend so much on myself haha

@justpeachy yeah I've been missing for so long. eh sadly I didn't try their cream 😭😭😭

@leannsow I'll miss primark for sure!

@Jothedreamerz so sad I can't claim refund cos I'm studying here 😭 when my husband comes la I use his passport heheh

1 year ago

deeloveslatte (avatar)

deeloveslatte I saw you at the career fair but too shy to go and say hi πŸ™Š

1 year ago

myepicuriousgirl (avatar)

myepicuriousgirl I know exactly what you mean by feeling awkward when you haven't seen your other half in a while during ldr. He is away for work more than half the year and every time he comes back it feels like I have to readjust haha and get back into the mode.

1 year ago

michey (avatar)

michey Yes!!! My bf is working in London and he comes home once in every few months! And I feel awkward!!

1 year ago

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