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Last days of being a student + all my part time jobs

At our last ever study group today before we hand in our dissertations next week and bid farewell to each other. Can't believe we're almost done! Can't believe I wrote 21,000 words/ 80 pages!

The last few months have been insane, with me having visited almost all the libraries in London and drinking way too much coffee haha.
But also quite amazed at how I still have time to watch so many series on Netflix and hang out with friends. Definitely going to miss my London postgrad life!

With Petrina and esmee in the nth cafe we've been in. Very happy at how productive we are when we study together πŸ˜‚ also don't be fooled by my glossy-looking lips, I've not worn makeup and brushed my hair in a long time now. Need to live up to my hardworking student reputation πŸ’

This cafe so cool, they have little alcoves with books and comfy cushions so we sat here all day and did so much! Wanna build an alcove/room like this for my house next time too πŸ€“

But this is the ultimate dream. A large circular room with floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with all the books in the world 😍😍😍
This is the maughan library at king's college. Also the only time I've seen a library this packed on a Sunday evening.

Another one of my fav: wellcome collection library. Welcome to Wellcome!
If I have a library like this at home I'll invite you guys over k, then we can sit in a circle like this and talk about random stuff to appear intelligent.

"Who here feel that the world will be a better place if men experienced period and childbirth too raise your hand"

Haih super sad to say goodbye to my nephew 😭😭😭 missing him so much but need to come back to London to finish up unfinished business ie pay an exorbitant amount to print and bind my dissertation πŸ˜’

I'm visiting again in two weeks but I really enjoyed spending time with him, sis and mom! He's also such a good baby who doesn't cry too much so it's really nice to take care of him. So nice to have a baby hor when you only need to take care for half the day and then return to his mom at night lol

He's only awake for a few mins between feed/sleep time but when he's awake he's always looking around with those big blue-grey eyes 😍😍😍
I also want blue eyes leh

Take more pics to commemorate last few days as a waitress hahaha. Don't think I'll ever be wearing an apron, cleaning toilets, dishes, taking orders and serving food ever again in the future.

Unless if I do my PhD and need a side gig la hahaha, but I guess I'll be older and less nimble then so would have to take up tutoring/office work jobs so I just have to sit and be boring all day.

Phew another chapter of my life over soon!

While I'm glad that I don't have to serve food and take orders again, I realised how much of life has been defined by these part time jobs. I started working for the first time when I was 15 in a restaurant, and continued doing so till I was 18 during every Dec holiday.

It's quite a liberating experience to be able to work for your own pocket money when you're that young, and I also learned quite a bit about life and being independent by interacting with other waiters and cooks.

Also met Barry, my first boyfriend, from being a waitress so not bad lah!

Then I worked in a clinic as an illegal nurse wtf cos technically I had to be certified but the doc was very stingy and hired an 18-yr old me without any experience and paid me RM5/hr. I wanted to try it out cos I was considering taking up medicine, and seeing how it works first hand dissuaded me completely πŸ˜”

I assisted in countless pap smears cos I wanted to be a gynae 😢

But I also saw how profit-oriented it could be cos if you're a GP in a clinic, you're essentially just running a business. Doc told me everyone had noble intentions in the beginning and all wanted to be specialists, but it takes years and life just gets to you.
And he said his parents spent close to a million for him, which eventually made me realize we don't have that money and I didn't get a scholarship.

Then did lotsa give out flyer jobs while waiting for college to start which was fun!

Fun cos they're paid quite well (RM120-150/day) and some are pretty easy jobs.

For example a few of us were hired once to act as shoppers in a shopping mall, and to create hype for this booth and had to pretend to join the competition so that more people would be interested too hahaha

Literally the job was to walk around in the mall, go "eh what's that?" "Wah so fun let's join this competition and win a phone!" Then fill up the forms, walk out and drive to another mall to do the same again LOL

Really one, so now be suspicious of all the people pretending to be so excited about joining some competition in the mall wtf

And then some jobs are super tiring though, stand all day in the mall and try to get people to download app to watch TV on their phones wtf.
Yes.....I was once that annoying person who went "Hi Sir, can I tell you all about the amazing things you can do on your phone?" before smartphones were even a thing k. This was way back in 2006!

Haih don't want to continue talking about my part time jobs already cos I was suddenly engulfed with panic attacks today. Couldn't sleep all night and sent a 3am-SOS email to my professor asking for feedback cos I feel like I just wrote 80 pages of useless unimportant analysis of nothing.

Why la why I feel like this. I know I won't fail and I told myself over and over that I don't care if I don't get a distinction but I guess the kiasu part of me is all like "but you're so close!" 😩

My friends said it's cos I've been writing the same thing for months so it's natural to feel like it's not that great. Haih one more week, better work very hard if not I'll regret later for not putting in my best work.

Then panic until a bit siao already, went on a Netflix binge all day cos if I look at my paper again I'm gonna cry. But now back in the library cos if I don't look at it, I'll cry also cos so much more to improve on πŸ˜’

Day 235

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017

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consumerpey (avatar)

consumerpey @sweatlee reflecting on my medical school days, the GP who summed up his career to you was somehow accurate la. I remember back in medical school days, I said to a classmate that if I do return to malaysia then I would never earn back the cost invested on education. then they all went aiyah, life is not all about money. also they were very enthusiastic and talked about specialisation.
fast forward ten years after graduation, mostly have ventured to opening their private GP service or 'beautician' service.
yet, here I am today sitting in the library (albeit typing on dayre lol) and preparing for my SECOND specialisation exam hahaaha I am obviously stupid to not take the easier route with more money!

1 year ago

sillycheese (avatar)

sillycheese All the best for your paper ok!! I'm sure you'll do great ☺️☺️☺️ Read the previous one that you sent out to us and I think it was rly nicely written - so I'm sure you'll do as great, if not better! Jiayou! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

1 year ago

sravanthi (avatar)

sravanthi I think doubting what you write in your dissertation is an almost essential part of the process. I used to feel that I am saying NOTHING new and that I am just bullshitting my way through. But a wise friend pointed out that when we engage with something for so long with such depth, it gets internalised so much that it begins to feel like common sense. like something everyone would know about. but one knows that that is not the case. all the best for the last leg! soldier on!

1 year ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy Aw don't panic! I felt the same with my dissertation but I realised when we look at the same thing for weeks and weeks so closely, it's all a blur. With fresh eyes it's a whole other thing! I'm sure you knocked it out of the park!

1 year ago

donnalim (avatar)

donnalim all the best for your paper.. u just need to know.. you are this amazing sweatlee and you are awesome, so your papers would be awesome like you too. hahaha..
and after this you can fly back home, and then.. jeng jeng... i am very looking forward to kopi susu's baby.. lol..

1 year ago

linseylinn (avatar)

linseylinn Good luck and don't worry so much (redundant advice I know haha) but I'm sure you did great! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @consumerpey but that easier route can be so demotivating at the end of the day tho so I'm sure you chose the right route! good luck! ❀️

@sillycheese Thanks, that means so much to me right now!!!

@sravanthi so true hahaha I really hope so too! gonna put in a bit more effort then just wanna be done with it; thanks for the advice!

@justpeachy thanks a lot!! I'm just super nervous now cos have to submit soon but can't wait for it to be over with!

@donnalim thanks! that really means a lot :') hahaha don't la I scared leh being a mom is even harder than all this combined haha

@linseylinn hello!! haven't seen you in so long hahaha you and @donnalim are like super old school readers 😘😘😘

1 year ago

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