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What I've been up to all morning 🤓 issokay you guys go work I also need to be productive!

What happens when you leave your husband by himself for 6 months...
Tons of expired food in the fridge and house hahaha.
The eggs and yoghurt expired in FEBRUARY leh. Plus the yoghurt is UNOPENED. What's going on here Karthik??! The potatoes and garlic all grew shoots already, I had to throw everything out.

In his defense, he actually super semangat 3 months ago, wanted to make butter chicken and got all the ingredients, then promptly moved on with his life and forgot all about it after hahaha

Oh hero market, how I have missed thee!

Omg I hate to be that annoying girl who came back from abroad and complain about Malaysia (which I almost never do, I love my home!)


Groceries are relatively SOOOO expensive here after being used to much cheaper groceries in the UK. Cereal is like £2-3 a box and if you don't convert..Heck even if you convert it's about the same/cheaper in the UK??!

Plus milk, mushroom, berries, pasta sauce etc are more expensive here. Especially mushrooms, RM9 vs £0.60 (RM3.50) 😱😱😱

So I'm doing all the things that Karthik has no time to do, like get rid of the 3 bags of coins he has accumulated in the last few years. He's a huge coin hoarder I tell you, everyday comes back and empties his pockets of coins and now we have RM300+ worth of them!

Anyway went to the bank and they refused to take them in cos coin machine rosak so I'm slowly using them to pay for everything now lol. Couldn't pay for my groceries (RM100+ for <15 items 😱) cos the cashier would kill me haha

Hanging out with the twins and Amelia tonight! I haven't seen them in 6 months and they've grown so much already 😱😘❤️

Day 103

Thursday, 13 Apr 2017

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chiuyenlim (avatar)

chiuyenlim Haha. The eggs didn't turn bad?

1 year ago

MajorTom (avatar)

MajorTom Wow! Rm300 of coins!

1 year ago

ichigomochi (avatar)

ichigomochi My husband is a coin hoarder too and it rubbed on me hahaha. Once he accumulated close to SGD400 worth of coins! so now we collect coins together hahahaha

1 year ago

mikeannz (avatar)

mikeannz bring the coins to the market or any hawker stalls. I got famous in the wet market for changing coins. lolss

1 year ago

twinbuzz (avatar)

twinbuzz Must be a men thing to hoard coins. And I agree with you that groceries are generally expensive in Malaysia. That's why my mom always say living cost is high, but she mainly refers to groceries.

1 year ago

kehrol (avatar)

kehrol Mushrooms! The price is damn heartbreaking! And baby spinach! Not even like they import, it's all locally grown anyway zzzzzz charge so exp for what

1 year ago

linnar (avatar)

linnar bring to hawker stalls or even stalls in malls! they will most likely be quite happy to change it with you - I had to change mine with the bank and they charge me rm8.50 for one bag of coins 😮

1 year ago

rylsf (avatar)

rylsf It will be my first time in the uk in june (london).. we might just stay in airbnb with a kitchen! Since your post mentioned groceries are cheap!

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @chiuyenlim probably super rotten already haha I just threw them all out!

@MajorTom I was also very surprised they're so much!

@ichigomochi collect already then how! so heavy can't use all

@mikeannz yeah that's what I read online also hahah

@twinbuzz yeah I never noticed this much until now :O

@kehrol yeah can't believe the price increased in just 6 months!!

@linnar yeah I read online also that that's the easiest! eh how come the bank charged you one??

@rylsf it really is! milk and more western stuff especially.

1 year ago

ichigomochi (avatar)

ichigomochi We make it a point to deposit it to our account through the coin deposit machine hahaha so it's not for nothing 😁

1 year ago

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