Suet Li (avatar)
updated 3 years ago

Good morning! Left the house at 8am on this bright and beautiful Saturday morning to attend this colloquium on education......from now till 5pm........😰

My very cincai outfit cos still damn sleepy and have to drive so far to come here. Found out my colleagues who are still teaching drove 2 hours on average so I guess my struggles pale in comparison hahah

All of us from TFM. The lady who took this pic didn't realize her finger is in the pic, and she took like 15 pics consequently somemore kept telling us it's not working hehe so cute.

This colloquium is attended by a bunch of educators and all of them speak the best, crispest, most eloquent English I've heard in Malaysia (cos it's an English colloquium).

But the thing with attending external conferences like these is how depressing some of them are. They're always about how far we're behind

And how bad the government is, and everyone is always jaded and will be lamenting on how much we're doomed.

The thing is everyone here is at least 40 so I don't blame this sentiment at all, but I guess I want more of a solution-driven mindset instead. They're all so passionate so I wish we could come to a more inspiring end and have concrete next steps after this.
Oh well, still too early to judge how this day would go!

Karthik just left the house and before he left, he told me I have 30 mins to get ready and to wear something nice. What's going on?! So secretive one

I'll update more tomorrow but this happened!!! Thank you everyone you guys found out so fast!! ❤️❤️❤️

Day 115

Saturday, 25 Apr 2015

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jill81 (avatar)

jill81 maybe he's proposing?? lol

3 years ago

fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine 😏😏😏

3 years ago

fiona13 (avatar)

fiona13 marry him!!!! :)

3 years ago

julesirvine (avatar)

julesirvine a proposal?

3 years ago

sylviababo (avatar)

sylviababo Oooohhhhhhh! !!!!!

3 years ago

micchic (avatar)

micchic Waiting for yr good news haha

3 years ago

flyyy (avatar)

flyyy Omg please update us 😆

3 years ago

thecakewhisperer (avatar)

thecakewhisperer I was going to guess that he's proposing but refrained since I thought it's personal but I was right!!! CONGRATULATIONS! 😄

3 years ago

strawberryshortcake (avatar)

strawberryshortcake Congratulations! 😀

3 years ago

miclee049 (avatar)

miclee049 congrattzzz

3 years ago

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