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Proposal story (from Karthik's POV)

Good morning everyone! Thanks for showing interest in the proposal story, I'll bug Karthik to tell me the story later. He's too engrossed in telling the story behind his tattoo now to some friends haha.

Ok sorry busy day, now Karthik is going to tell the story for you guys! I'm typing it out as he narrates so pretend it's him from here on haha

Suet kept asking me at which point I decided that I wanted to propose but I really couldn't think of one particular life changing moment that made me think she's the one. It sounds cheesy but I guess I kinda always knew?

Back story of how I got to know her. I was working in a research firm and was looking for more meaningful work when I heard an interview on BFM while I was stuck in traffic one day.

She was talking about TFM and that got me interested cos she sounded so passionate.

So I messaged her on FB to ask her more about TFM and saw her profile pic at that time. Told my colleagues that I'm going to join just so I could see her cos she has the pinkest lips ever hahah! It was a joke but "coincidentally" I became good friends with her when I joined. We genuinely just got along well...totally not planned ok

Then we went through quite an ordeal together as we were both teaching pretty far apart but will skype every night to talk about our days and share our challenges.

After 2 years of teaching, we joined the head office together and also had quite a lot of ups and downs but made it through the year. I guess going through so many things together made me feel very certain about the direction of our relationship.

But the real planning started 2 months before I proposed

I knew I was going to marry her one day but when I started thinking about the exact date for the proposal, I really panicked and my heart started beating really fast. I kept thinking "oh shit this is real!"

In fact for the whole 2 months, the thought of doing it gave me panic attacks. I didn't really know what to do so I spoke to a lot of friends about it for ideas.

I had to think about how she'd like to be proposed and what I'd be comfortable with. She's quite a public person and likes

attention so I wanted it to be really grand.

I got Supahands to do a bit of research on public venues (it's an online PA service, try it) in KLCC and even thought of doing it Bollywood style hahah.

I was really nervous the whole time and especially more so at work cos I kept thinking about it. Even spoke to my boss about it cos there are so many conflicting ideas!

The whole 2 months I had to be on super Ninja mode. Suet uses my phone sometimes cos her data always runs out, so I had to keep

making mental notes to DELETE everything. My safari browser history, my emails on planning, my text messages etc. I was telling my friends that man, proposal is really hard work. I don't know how do people cheat on their spouses, it's quite crazy amount of effort to hide things from your significant other.

Luckily a lot of my close friends work in the office so most of the planning was done on the pretense of "work".

For eg, we'll write emails to each other and titled it "Support for Strategic 2 month plan for Partnership Development" and other work-related titles. Even the content of the emails were crafted very carefully and went something like:

Mr Chan is Wah Chan haha

And my friends, Abel and Ken, would help with scouting for the right ring as they've previously just gotten married so I knew I could trust them + their wives (who are also our close friends) were the ones who approved the ring choice!

Abel also kept the ring in his house; if I'd kept it, suet would DEFINITELY find out.

I also wanted to make sure I ask for her parents' blessings as well. Thankfully, Suet was away a lot on weekends for work so I could sneak around.

Omg just bought RM300 worth of groceries and household stuff. Ok can continue story now! So sorry, I'm the worst blogger ever hahah. Ok Karthik's narrative continues..

So I messaged Suet's sis and cousin about the plans a week before I met her parents, to see what they thought. They both said not to worry and that they'll give their blessings for sure!

Even when I was outside the house, I called my friends and panicked cos I had no idea how to start the conversation with her parents. I was super nervous and they gave me courage to just do it.

When I walked in the house, her parents were like super excited! Especially her mom who went:

Karthik!!! Come in! I know why you're here!

She was so excited and immediately called her dad over. So I said, "I'm sure you know why I'm here.." Voice shaking and all. Her mom was very warm and cheerful so I got less nervous, but her dad was quite serious. He eventually said ok but only if I promise to take care of her cholesterol level. Haha I'm sure you guys heard this story already.

Her parents also said they're really happy I asked for their blessings first cos people these days don't do it anymore. Score!

4 days before proposal..

So this is when things started going crazy. As you know from suet's post, she accidentally read from a friend's phone about the proposal. I was in the office when the friend called to tell me, all panicky, which got me really upset.

By this point, the whole office already knew about the plan so we started brainstorming on a backup plan together. A colleague then told me that it's not about what happens in the end, but the anticipation is what's more important.

Who said a proposal has to be a surprise anyway? It could be something that both are anticipating together and looking forward to, so we then decided to do the WILL YOUs to prepare her for the day.

At this point, I was feeling all kinds of emotions. Incredible amount of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, joy - and everything was finally happening after months of thinking and preparing for it.

Ok so sorry everyone, I have some work I need to finish up before tomorrow so I'll continue this post another day. Gah so sorry but thanks for reading so patiently!

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