Suet Li (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

Hello Dayre!


Dayre is still around 😱

And people are still reading!

Gosh I never knew. I was actually going to write a blog post on my actual blog and was looking to export my dayre posts, then saw that hey it's still alive! Hello everyone, it's been...7 months!

If you don't follow my instastories, then much to update!!

But before that, how's everyone??? I've missed you guys 😭😭😭

Will do a quick read on your updates first and see who's still around!

Oh man, has dayre been the same? It was truly one of my highlights for the last few years and if it's still the same, then I don't have to go back to my actual blog!

Also, I missed the boat on dayxport????? Now it doesn't work anymore and I dunno how to export my posts. Emailed @dayre so hopefully that works.

Ok I've caught up on my feed from the last month or so. Seems like it's mostly about weddings and babies lololol

I guess that's the best part of dayre, capturing all these daily memories.

Which reminds me to update here on my TTC stories. Last I left off, I was diagnosed with PCOS right?

Well the story took a sad turn after that..

Hallelujah! @dayre got back to me immediately with a zipped folder of all my posts, so I'm saved πŸ˜‚ 6 years worth of postings man! AND the best part is ALL THE COMMENTS ARE SAVED TOO!!!!
Hahaha sorry I'm so late to the boat/bus/bandwagon.

Thank you Team Dayre for the swift support ❀️

Day 285

Friday, 12 Oct 2018

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aboutwang (avatar)

aboutwang Welcome back!!! Dayre is still such a special place for those of us around😘😘😘

1 month ago

diamonddy (avatar)

diamonddy wishing u a speedy recovery!!! @sweatlee

1 month ago

rachelyz (avatar)

rachelyz WB suet!!!! Have missed your blog posts 😊

1 month ago

growingwiththetans (avatar)

growingwiththetans Ahhh what happened? Camping to read your updates! Dayre doesn’t quite feel the same anymore tbh...

1 month ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Hello welcome back!!

1 month ago

loveylynn (avatar)

loveylynn welcome back and camping!

1 month ago

jayelleenelial (avatar)

jayelleenelial Agree with @growingwiththetans .... I can’t quite put my finger to it. Maybe not as vibrant anymore..

1 month ago

jesstea (avatar)

jesstea Wah welcome back!

1 month ago

omamee (avatar)

omamee Woohoo!!! Welcome back! 😍

1 month ago

daphnechai (avatar)

daphnechai hello! welcome back...

1 month ago

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