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Of modern friendships

Hehe this series of potatoes in love is so cute! Sent this to Karthik cos it's how I feel everytime I get his texts 😍
He was like "is this a hint for me to text you more?"

I love it when we text, which we hardly did when I was home since there's no reason to text when you live together other than "eh where to meet/eat" haha

This distance is really doing us a lot of good since we have more meaningful conversations and yet still have our own space. But I'm glad it's coming to an end soon!

Hope we'll still be as in love 40 years later 🤗 maybe we'll each take turns to go abroad and study/work every 5 years to spice things up wtf

Time to plan for my PhD nyehehe

Speaking of love, my beloved @jmeei got married last week! Super sad I couldn't be there for the ROM but couldn't have been happier for her to have found such an amazing guy to be with!

We've both gone through pretty bad bouts in our past relationships and have seen each other through the worst of times. In fact it was her who pulled me through some dark times in my life which I'd never want to relive again haha

Can't wait for us to be in the same country again soon!

Met up with the lovely Zenna for lunch and I'm really glad she reached out to me so I get to put another face to long-time readers! Being in London has really helped with that and I only wish I could continue doing that at home so I get to connect to others too and hear about your stories and experiences.

She got me gifts from her travels too despite us meeting for the first time (except when we met at waitrose prior) and I was thinking what did I do to deserve such kindness and love! 😭

Had a girls' night out today and it was so nice to be able to talk so freely about so many things now that we've known each other for a while. Sadly, I don't know if I'll ever see them again once we leave, since we're all from very different parts of the world.

Sigh, not that easy uprooting yourself when you've had such a good network of friends to somewhere totally new, cos you risk losing that connection with people at home, having to make new friends and then moving back and losing that too.

When I moved to the states for my degree, it gradually got harder to keep in touch with my friends and family at home. In the beginning we'd put in a lot of effort to Skype, but life happens and when you're physically not around all the time, you just drift apart.

Then I had to make new friends there, and to think that I never saw any of those people again now..(except my two closest college friends, Shanshan and Giang thankfully) 😢

Guess will have to go through this again now too 😢

While I'd like to think it's the best of both worlds, it's really more the worst of both worlds.

Just got off work and going to class now! I make a pretty mean bahn mi I must say, I normally have roast duck as the filling and it's super yummy.

It's also really easy so I can make this myself too next time. Just baguette, meat, pickled carrot, lotsa coriander and Sriracha. At least I'm going back with Vietnamese food cooking skills too wtf

Day 163

Monday, 12 Jun 2017

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jmeei (avatar)

jmeei Aww wish you were there too, miss you sayang ❤️ but it's ok there's still the tea ceremony & wedding reception 😄 haha and I'm very glad we had each other through the bad times! Now we can look back and err reminisce 👻

10 months ago

piwithapple (avatar)

piwithapple Lately I feel like it's the worst of both worlds too. And yet...I find it hard to leave because my life back home wasn't exactly thriving either. Been meaning to write about it but also trying not to fall into a dark pit hahah but it's always nice to know I'm not alone.

10 months ago

Purpur (avatar)

Purpur congratulations @jmeei!

10 months ago

jmeei (avatar)

jmeei Thanks @Purpur ❤️

10 months ago

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