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Venue for wedding?

Today's elevator selfie before Sunday service at HTBB. If you zoom in, you'll see a massive pimple on my nose and one above my lips 😩 actually can see without zooming in. Hurts soooo badddd #pubertywtf

Also yes I don't have other bags lol #cheapskate

Btw I found the most perfect wedding venue. It's this new place called Glasshouse in Seputeh and I was so excited when I saw how beautiful it is! It's also going to be just nice for my small 120-person wedding.

Unfortunately, they got back to me and I saw the's RM8000 for half a day. And if you include tables and chairs, it'll be around RM12k. This is excluding food and deco etc. siao!

So sad. We've agreed to spend as little as possible for our wedding cos..well no reason, it just doesn't make practical sense to splurge for a single event no matter how important it is. Can use the money to buy house!

So yeah put it here so people can check it out if they have a bigger budget! Can fit a total of 300 people I think.

#weddingplanning #woesofweddingplanning

Yay found our temple ceremony venue! Apparently it's common for Indians to have weddings here too and we just need to get the priest. So we'll have an Indian wedding in a chinese temple!
Good la both our moms will be happy 👍

Lamb for dinner at Maria's Steakhouse! Pretty good but prices here are quite pricey. Our friends had wagyu and angus which were good too :)

I was also looking at this crazily beautiful place called Enderong House, which is a three-storey glass and timber building amidst the lush forest backdrop of Janda Baik.

It's so perfect and is exactly what I want in a wedding, intimate and cosy. Unfortunately, it can only fit 80 people and after trying really hard, we could only trim our guest list down to 120 very important people 😭

Eventhough we're not very close to every single relative, you know how it is...can't invite this uncle and not that we'd rather play it safe and avoid complications like people feeling upset cos they're not invited.

Wedding is only one event and it's not worth damaging relationships for I yeah put it here for other people to check out!

Any other recommendations for affordable but intimate wedding venues??

I've practically scoured through every single list on the Internet. Wanaka bungalow, passion road, Ciao ristorante, duchess place, tanarimba.. Everything!

Tanarimba is our fav for now, but we don't want to subject our guests to long windy road at night plus it's also not going to be cheap. RM4k for venue rental without tables, chairs and food. Caterers would demand more since its outstation too.

Ah, does that mean I'd have to resort to my least preferred venue: a chinese restaurant? :(

It's cheap-ish (RM100-120 per pax) and easy. Don't need to bother too much with deco and whatnots.

Ok must tell myself that I must enjoy the whole planning process instead of stressing out! I'm sure the venue is important, but not as important as the company and content of the wedding. All iz well (and gonna be well!)

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Sunday, 23 Aug 2015

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mumumummy (avatar)

mumumummy hi suet li!
u can check out this place:
Greenhouse by Muir
1 Jalan Nipah, Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (next to Gleneagles)
it's quite nice…but not sure if they do private events though…

4 years ago

peipei (avatar)

peipei check out Chckl 😁

4 years ago

makeupgeeek (avatar)

makeupgeeek Eh didnt knw u attending htbb.. How was it?

4 years ago

mmmstapler (avatar)

mmmstapler @sweatlee I selfishly want you to Dayre literally everything about your wedding! It's going to be gorgeous, so no pressure? Haha!

4 years ago

ayy2809 (avatar)

ayy2809 i love Maria's too!!!

4 years ago

withtintin (avatar)

withtintin I really like ur bag! Where from?

4 years ago

ladylike (avatar)

ladylike Where is this ? I heard my aunt told me abt this place before.

4 years ago

LoveLaughLive (avatar)

LoveLaughLive Wow RM12K for half day venue rental without food?? Sigh ... Wished I had that kinda budget too coz the place looks amazing!

4 years ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @mumumummy thanks I just checked it out, the parking is apparently limited there tho :( it's really beautiful!

@peipei we're not Christians so can't get married there no?

@makeupgeeek haha on and off la. We really like it!

@mmmstapler haha I'll try my best! It's quite stressful cos there are so many options!

@ayy2809 it's a tad too pricey tho but food is good!

@withtintin from Charles and keith. I like it cos quite sturdy!

@ladylike glasshouse? It's in seputeh

@LoveLaughLive right!! My budget is...0 hahaha so kiamsiap how

4 years ago

mumumummy (avatar)

mumumummy there's a big open car park right next to it…probably for the hospital patrons haha

4 years ago

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