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Life updates: moving and studying forever

Hi folks

I haven't been updating here cos we've just moved house! Super busy the last few weeks packing and unpacking and cleaning like mad. Good thing about our new place is we live with 10 of our friends in the same condo so here's me lugging my laundry a few floors down with my selipar jepun when my washing machine wasn't working haha.

We're living the Friends life now 😂 moved in and asked for a hammer in our WhatsApp group and they were like "come over I have a claw hammer!" "Me too come to mine!"

Also did a lot of daiso runs to buy a million and one small items. Thankfully my cousin accompanies me all the time so I got to bring the 3 little ones with me! To them going to daiso is like going to a playground, I'm glad we share the same interests hahah

Life now..
Weekend activities for the last two weeks

Building this easy Ikea cabinet with Kelvin who lives a few floors down. We have almost nightly pajama parties now hahaha

Karthik is super obsessed with tea these days so we usually have friends over and serve them chamomile tea so we can all sleep soundly after wtf

Half our living room. Almost done now but still got so much to do! We moved from a small one bedroom to now a normal three bedroom so we have tons of furniture to get. Unfortunately I'm still unemployed so we have to settle for cheap furniture for now and can't change our old sofa set.

But good thing about being unemployed is I have so much time to run errands now! Fix this clean that buy this that. Man, things are really not cheap which is so painful for super stingy people like me 😔

Was looking for recent pic of myself in decent makeup to post and only found this...dated almost two weeks ago.......

If you bump into me these days in malls or Ikea or anywhere, please don't be surprised to see me in tattered clothes and unwashed hair and spotty face wtf.

If you look closely, you can see I have food in between my teeth in this pic fml. But anyway still a happy pic being reunited with these guys! Best part is we're finally all gonna be in one place for good now! For now...

I said for now..cos I'm really tempted to apply for this other opportunity of a full scholarship to do my second masters in NUS.

Hahaha siao haven't found a job wanna go study again. I think at this rate, my full time job would be applying for scholarships and fellowships and studying forever. Which I guess isn't such a bad life, except that I'd have to move and do LDR forever too.

I guess I'm really excited about studying now cos I just found out that I got an A for my dissertation!!!!!!!!

Yes, that 21,000 word paper I slaved over for days and weeks and months 😂😂😂😂

So now I suddenly feel super scholarly and feel like I can do this for life hahaha. Which I'd probably regret once I have to do it again I'm sure.


Day 282

Monday, 9 Oct 2017

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goldwing (avatar)

goldwing Out of curiosity, if we bump into u somewhere can we smile & say hi to u? Have u ever wondered why is this stranger waving at me? Lol do u get that a lot?

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @goldwing haha yes do say hi! I'd just be embarrassed cos look super aunty but it'll be funny. it's always nice to know who reads all my musings and infrequent updates! I do get that quite a bit but not as much as all the popular bloggers la. but don't wave and walk away la if not I'd wave back and risk embarrassment cos maybe you were waving at someone behind me wtf

1 year ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Congrats on ur dissertation!!

1 year ago

pamilo (avatar)

pamilo Congratulations!!!

1 year ago

Supermundane (avatar)

Supermundane So amazing!!!! Congrats!! 🎉🎉

1 year ago

iamjayny (avatar)

iamjayny congrats on ur dissertation!

1 year ago

Supermundane (avatar)

Supermundane Hi hi I just chanced upon your dayre... & I feel so inspired to apply for a scholarship for masters too!!

1 year ago

aboutwang (avatar)

aboutwang Congrats Suet! What an achievement!! Scholarly life is nubbad also. :)

1 year ago

celchin (avatar)

celchin Congrats on the achievement 🎉

1 year ago

ayy2809 (avatar)

ayy2809 congratz! i'll choose study for life leh! 😂😂😂

1 year ago

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