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Throwback Sunday (what I've been up to all July)

Hello after missing for a month......
Haha I dunno what was I so busy with as well until I couldn't update my dayre.

I guess I've just been busy enjoying my last few weeks of London and spending time with friends and writing my dissertation that I didn't feel like there was much to update. But actually looking back at my pictures, there are so much to talk about!

1. I've gone vegetarian!

I'm the last person you'd expect to go vegetarian but I did since a month ago. It's so random actually, all I did was watch Okja on Netflix followed by What The Health, a documentary on the meat and dairy industry.

I think the documentary really got me because while I've always known all the stuff about how harmful meat eating is to the environment and how cruel and unethical the industry is, but the documentary is more about how bad it actually is for your health too.

It actually advocates veganism but I tried it for a day and just couldn't...I love eggs too much haha. So I just tried vegetarian and it was surprisingly not super difficult for me! I just decided I won't cook meat at home and if I go out with friends, I won't be super anal about it and just won't eat the meat if we're sharing.

The first two weeks were ok but then I ate fish a little after I guess I'm not a real vegetarian haha. But as much as possible, I am for 90% of the week.

Actually I'm very surprised I could do it seeing how I'm never a vege person to begin with. I particularly disliked tofu as well especially the fried ones (taufoopok). But since tofu is a staple for vegetarians, I tried embracing it and even like it now! Why so weird one I swear I'm not trying to sell anything hahaha

I sound like one of those As Seen On TV ad. "I used to hate it but now that I've tried it, I can't get enough! Buy now, for $1.99 with free trial of tofu for life" wtf

Oh forgot to talk about the above pic. It looks like chicken right? But it's just scrambled tofu with seasoning. Actually super delicious and I use it with fried rice, noodles etc as meat alternative.

Thankfully it's also really easy and not so expensive to be vegetarian/vegan here. I've been drinking hazelnut and almond milk and they're only £1.50 (RM7) a litre. In Malaysia it's like RM15 or something 😱
There are also so many vege types here so I'm never too bored! 🍆🥑🍅🍓🥕🌽🍄

2. Kopisusu turned 1!

I said kthxbye to my parents a year ago and became someone's wife since!

That someone is this Indian macha hence why we're called kopisusu 🤵🏽👰🏻. Also cos his name is Karthik and I'm Suet so KS! Very smart ah

Husband, may you look at me like this forever k hahaha

Already promised in front of Buddha wtf

In return, I shall worship you for life 🙏

Can read about my wedding here if curious: #kopisusuwedding

It sucks to be celebrating our one year anniversary virtually but it's ok, we'll be reunited for good very soon!
Also very grateful that the last one year has been so perfect and I'm thankful that I have a husband who supports my growth and development as a person and does not expect me to be a good wife who makes chapati for him every morning wtf

Wah fb just reminded us this is how we looked like 5 years ago at Audrey's wedding. I couldn't fit in that dress anymore and Karthik obviously put on weight also hahaha. Last time he was super skinny and I'd always go "Tim kai you so skinny huh! Why ah! Why you eat so much so skinny ah??!!" And he'd get super annoyed cos it was not by choice. Now I cannot complain anymore wtf.

3. I faced my first real challenge in London

I sprained my back 😑😒

I've never hurt my back before so when it happened, I thought I was gonna be paralyzed forever wtf. Somemore I sprained it from carrying trash double wtf

It was so bad I couldn't sit, walk, stand, move. I had to remain in bed for 48 freaking hours. Called the clinic to book an appointment and the next available one is 3 weeks later. Called NHS and they said "it's common, just rest". Called husband and cried and he said "if it gets worse, I'm coming to bring you home" 😭

Then finally when I could stand, I realized my body was senget 😱 cos the pain was on the left so I couldn't straighten up. Then I thought sei lor 29 years old only now have to remain crooked bodied forever.

It was miserable k eventhough it sounds funnier now. I vowed to start exercising and doing yoga again (3 weeks later, not a single time....). But it was a good reminder that I'm not young anymore and need to start taking care of my health 😢

Then my friends came over to check on me and brought me out for brunch 😍 instantly felt better after hahaha #foodisthecure

I felt so sad cos we were supposed to go to the Pride parade together but they decided to not go to hang out with me all day 😭😭😭😭😭😭 so thankful I have them eventhough I'm miles away from home.

Then we decided to change our gender on face app which is so freaking accurate???!!!

Seriously. Esmee, Rae and I became men and we turned zhongyan into a girl.

Wanna see our before pic?

Hahahhaa! Zhong yan's transformation is the most drastic. They even gave him double eyelid and got rid of his beard, and gave us all stubbles. Damn good ah hahaha

4. Really started exploring London more

It was too cold before but now the weather has been perfect for outdoor activities! So I've been going out more and the best part is how you can do so much for free/very cheap here.

One Friday night, we were too poor to go out for drinks and dinner so we just tapaued McDonald's and got two bottles of wine from Tesco and just sat in front of Tate Modern and hung out by the Thames river. I think it was the best night I've ever had here.

We saw the sunset and got this amazing view of St Paul's at night. We had deep conversations and watched the boats go by. Then a couple of Mexican teenagers came over with a speaker and we started singing and dancing to Despacito 💃🕺

At 1am we got hungry and wanted to go to shoreditch for bagels but too lazy to walk. Decided at whim to rent these bikes and cycled there instead hahaha.

Cycling in London at night was such an awesome experience, especially when you're ravenous and would do anything for a bagel then! We were a little scared at first but the roads were free and it was surprisingly easy to cycle on the bike lanes!

Happy campers. Bagel at brick Lane here is like having lok lok by the roadside after a night out hahaha

We also did a lotttt of picnics. This is my favouritest picnic spot in London: primrose hill! Check out the view during sunset 😍 picnics are the best cos it's cheap and fun. Sigh things I'd miss about this place...there are just so many things to do all the time.

Meet up with @revelinme when she was in London! Brought her to Columbia road flower market given her penchant for all things flowery, and also cos I've never been 😱 haha it's only on Sundays and I'm always sleeping in/lazy on Sundays.

So pretty and cheap! Peonies are like £4 for a 3-4!!! Hui wen said it's RM50 PER peony at home 😱

Got roses cos cheap. £5 for 20! Hui wen very good at taking pretty pictures 😍😍

See! How you know when to take so that the wind blows my skirt slightly but not too much ah???!

Another one! Makes me look so tall somemore. You should run a workshop for all Instagram boyfriends and husbands wtf

Meanwhile......this is what I got of her HAHAHA so horrible. I remember she said just put flowers on your shoulder when she took for me so I directed her to do the same but:

1. Can see warning sign behind
2. Can't see 3/4 of her face wtf
3. Made it look like she's carrying some vege she bought from market instead of elegantly carrying a bunch of roses hahaha

Sorry ah @revelinme 😂

Brought her to my fav spot by the thames and had a long heart to heart conversation about the woes and perils of being a modern woman... Hahaha funny how we've known each other for almost a decade but hardly got to bond like this until we meet again in London. Eventhough in Msia we live like 10 mins from each other 😂

There's something about sitting by the river and watching the city skyline that inspires great deep conversations!

Day 211

Sunday, 30 Jul 2017

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ellebow (avatar)

ellebow Mmm I watched What The Health for 30 minutes or so and I knew where the story was headed to. TBH there's no real source to back up the dude's claims on meat and stuff. Obviously processed meat is bad but he's saying all meat in general is bad. But that's cause he wants to promote veganism, which is the purpose of the movie from the beginning so the entire idea and purpose of the movie is so skewed.. I don't think going vegetarian or vegan is bad or anything but the best kinda diet is a balanced and well portioned meal:) and on some level I can see why Americans would think meat in general like chicken is bad cause some chicken thigh can be as big as my head. And "organic" or sustainable farming is safe and better but not necessarily better for the environment. Just my thoughts!! It's sad that the knowledge and perception of food is so skewed and viewed terribly to many people that they cut out so many things in their diet. But people don't know that most vitamin sources are the best from animal source. That's why vegans are so prone to diseases when they don't do enough research to supplement the lack of nutrients

1 year ago

ellebow (avatar)

ellebow It's like a "journal article" I read once for my nutrition research class and I was how studies shown that consumption of Coca Cola has no negative side effects, but the study was done by Coca Cola. Driven by money and power, companies would do anything to push sales and generate more income. Just like the movie.. it's driven by the vegan culture and people who have money to make such films with the purpose to promote their (dietary) lifestyle. But then again, I have nothing against vegetarian or veganism but I'm against the people who actively try to promote their lifestyle with lies and skewed ideology on nutrition and health.

1 year ago

MajorTom (avatar)

MajorTom @ellebow IMHO, the statement that most vitamin sources are the best from animal source is also skewed to one side which is promoted by the meat industry. It is readily available in animal source and difficult to get in plant form due to the mass meat production. A balanced diet, knowing where your food source is from and how it is produced are really important.

1 year ago

chocolateganache (avatar)

chocolateganache I actually like to order vegetarian dishes when I eat out if possible, especially if the restaurant is known for it or it's Indian food, because I actually enjoy it more than the meat dishes. What I cannot stand about vegetarian food however is the use of mock meat, especially in Chinese cuisine. Why lie to yourself with so much flour and so much flavouring and seasoning? I can never understand that. Because of eating so much mock meat, most vegetarians I know are really unhealthy and sickly.

1 year ago

chocolateganache (avatar)

chocolateganache As long as vegetarian food is purely veg and tofu-based, I'm good!

1 year ago

kimberzilla (avatar)

kimberzilla We are called reducetarians!

1 year ago

elynG (avatar)

elynG @chocolateganache Oh yeah man I truly agree with u! U know how some Chinese goes on vegetarian on certain times of the month? Then my mil would be lecturing me its good to eat vegetarian but she produced so much of mock meat like duck, fish etc which is so heavily flavoured I feel it defeats the purpose. For me, I rather just eat green veges.

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @ellebow yeah fair point that he was promoting veganism, but at least it doesn't fund the unethical and profit-motivated meat and drug industry though. I find that most revolting at the end of the day, that the entire industry is so dirty and everyone's sorta blindly going along with it because that's how things are. I do think too that balanced diet is important, but the film got me thinking what a balanced diet really is and understand the motivations of people promoting that kinda diet. I find being true vegan and vegetarian really difficult too so I just try to eat plant-based as much as possible with lotsa protein from eggs, tofu and beans!

1 year ago

shermainos (avatar)

shermainos I've been a vegetarian since 14 years old and maintained my vegetarian diet through my entire pregnancy and till today I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 3.5 month old Son (my son only takes breastmilk! Not even water!). My Son is born at 3.2kg and at 3.5months, he's at 6.8kg.

U can try taking Chia and flaxseed for your source of calcium, omega 3 and protein. I've included nuts in my diet too and it helps with my overall well being! 😃

1 year ago

amysimon (avatar)

amysimon That's what i used to hate while being in London. If ur sick, too bad, make an appointment. and it always takes forever! my British born friend said she'd just call an ambulance to bring her to the hospital if anything. 😅

1 year ago

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