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Proposal story part 2 (Karthik's POV)

Good Sunday morning everyone! Slept in a little bit today after a whole week of sleeping less than my ideal 7-8 hours πŸ˜™
Eating breakfast at home now while watching a Bollywood movie, then I promise I'll continue the story!

Heads up though, there's really nothing much to add after this already cos I've already told it from my POV! Hahaha

Oook I have Karthik next to me now and he's going to narrate the 2nd part of the proposal story from his POV. So I guess we stopped at..

3 days before the proposal

So after I knew she found out, I was thinking maybe I should just propose now anyway since the surprise was ruined. She was going to come back from penang tonight so I got a driver to get her from the airport and thought of bringing her to somewhere nice.

But then I thought hmm maybe the anticipation is the best part. Let her think that it's happening anytime soon and make her feel nervous too!

So I got the driver anyway and got her colleague who was with her to hype it up a little..

I messaged her to tell her not to worry about dinner as I have something planned for the night, and I knew she'd be so nervous thinking it's tonight..

I then asked the driver to introduce himself as Will You and while waiting for her, I turned off the lights and got pizza, and waited to see her reactions.

When she got home, I saw how tired but excited she looked and gave her a big hug. I saw her eyes darting around the room to see what's going on; she even went into the room sneakily while I

Prepared the food haha. Then I asked her to relax and let's watch something while eating. Even while we ate, I could sense her anticipation. She must be thinking I was going to propose over the pizza dinner! But alas it didn't happen πŸ˜‚

That night my friends were giving me words of encouragement. They knew I was nervous and told me to stay strong eventhough I must be tempted to tell her. I kept thinking about it all night, wondering what this girl next to me must be feeling right now.

Aside from the curious eyes, she acted normal so I was also trying hard to hold it together and to act normal. Very difficult night haha

At work the next few days was quite fun. Everyone in the office knew she knew and secretly coordinated all the Will Yous. There were a LOT of secret meetings that happened to make sure everything will go on well. It was really quite a collaborative effort man.

Abel also sent this picture to me to let me know the ring is doing ok. His house almost had a break in and the first thing he did was to make sure the ring was fine haha! Awesome bro is awesome.

1 day before the proposal..

I got @fourfeetnine to have dinner with her that night and eventhough I was going to have dinner with Ziu, I decided to stay in the office to write my speech. I'd already written most of it a month ago but I wanted to make sure it's perfect.

Oh I also knew she must be thinking it'll happen tonight and must feel the same sense of anticipation she had during pizza dinner night. Heh kept her on edge for days!

The day of the proposal

Thankfully she had to attend a conference so I created a group with my friends titled OMG! and told them how nervous I was feeling.

I also googled and YouTubed different proposal videos to see which leg I should kneel with and which hand I should hold. Why don't they teach you these important life skills in school!

Then I picked the songs I wanted to propose to, picked up the rose petals and prepped the venue downstairs.

I also did this:

But then realized it's too ugly hahhaha. The me is on top cos I didn't plan it beforehand. Sigh I've always been creatively challenged why did I even try 😭

So I hastily broke it into pieces and stashed them under the chair hurriedly cos she told me she was leaving the conference early.

The whole day was a culmination of all the emotions I've felt for two months now. My friends were giving me pep talk on the whatsapp group, telling me not to worry cos since she already knew, if she was going to say no, she had 4 days to do it so she'd say yes for sure.

We even had a plan C if things didn't work out, except that we didn't have time to think of what it is cos suet came home early hahha

So I quickly showered and awkwardly told her she has an hour to get ready for something exciting tonight! Then I went downstairs to prep the place more.

Practising the kneeling so I won't fumble and fall on the actual proposal 😳

With Ken who was our super stealth photographer that day

And you guys know the rest so I don't have to tell it here.

I guess that's the proposal story on my side. It was quite a lot of work but very well worth it and I'm really glad I had amazing friends who were with me throughout this whole journey which made it so much more exciting.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Ok back to me. If you have questions feel free to ask him in the comments, maybe can help you in your planning of your proposal! Haha though I realize 99% of Dayre users are females..
It's actually so rare to hear guys' POV! I really didn't know it took so much effort to plan this, so touched πŸ˜‚

So yeah we've been engaged for 2 months now and have started, very very slowly, planning for our wedding. At this point I'm quite adamant on having a super small wedding. Perhaps just in this same hall!

Forgot to post this just now. This is elevator selfie for my church outfit of the day. Looks so goody not bad eh hahah

Dammit my parents disapproved of my choice of doing our wedding in the hall in our house. Took me quite a while to convince them that I'm NOT having it in a chinese restaurant, I think we'll probably have to settle for somewhere more acceptable. Having it here very nice what! Don't need to pay for hall venue #cheapskate

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Sunday, 28 Jun 2015

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wailynn (avatar)

wailynn Your breakfast setting always looks like you're eating at Plan B 😍

4 years ago

Ultraviolencegirl99 (avatar)

Ultraviolencegirl99 πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

4 years ago

lynnnnn (avatar)

lynnnnn Yay camping now!

4 years ago

illllleahart (avatar)

illllleahart Yay! After a week you also kept us on the edge wtf πŸ˜‚ #camping

4 years ago

anticlockwise (avatar)

anticlockwise Camping camping

4 years ago

Wigglytuff (avatar)

Wigglytuff So sweet. 😍😍

4 years ago

MimieJay (avatar)

MimieJay awesome!!

4 years ago

whiteboardmarker (avatar)

whiteboardmarker haha Karthik, so why was it left leg? must it be the left leg??

4 years ago

suetyen (avatar)

suetyen i would love to watch video in the gopro that Karthik had it on his chest ; hahaahha

4 years ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @wailynn haha I think once I started cooking breakfast at home, I could never justify paying for it in restaurants anymore!

@ileahart haha sorry!! Super busy all week heh

@whiteboardmarker he said cos you'll be using your right hand to put it on the left hand's finger cos it's connected to the heart hahah

@suetyen we have the video! But dunno how to post it here cos it's 4-min long. Maybe I'll post snippets once I learn how to shorten it!

4 years ago

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