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Passionate educationist and proud Malaysian

March 2018

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Eh dayre still around! Good cos sometimes I have so much to say but don't know where to put it.Anyway I went to see a gynae finally since my period is so irregular recently. It's always been irregular but the last few cycles are almost 60 days long??Doc did an ultrasound and a vaginal scan with some fancy equipment and showed me all the bubbles of sacs collecting at each ovaries.

February 2018

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Don't forget to click on this to get an archive of all your dayre post you guys 😒It's really happening......Sigh so painful..

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WTF???!NOOooooooI mean, I haven't been a good blogger on dayre the last few months but dayre is so precious to me. It's where I've connected to most of my old readers and new ones, and got the most valuable and meaningful advice and comments. Shit I'm so upset, but I also understand why it has to be done. And I guess it's time to accept this as natural progression of how things and life are..

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