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Live from hospital - Day 1

Live update

I never got around to finish my third trimester post on my blog because of busy last minute preparing for delivery and when I'm home, all that I wanted to do is just resting. So, I figure I should do a live update from hospital on Dayre or else I forgot about the details.

With that said, yes, I'm admitted to hospital today and now I'm on my bed doing nothing.

Woke up at 6.30 to get ready and washed my hair thoroughly before I go into confinement. My ceasaraen is scheduled for tomorrow.

Weight gained till now is around 12kg. Since my baby is around 3kg, I'm hoping to lose around 8kg right after delivery.

CTG scan to monitor baby heart beat. All is fine and good.

They stucked needle in my vein and it freaking hurt and I can't use my right hand now because any movement will triggers discomfort. But the most painful part is the injection to get baby lung to be matured. Luckily the pain stayed less than an hour.

I kinda wish that I go for private hospital now. Although the government hospital has better doctors and medical equipments, their facilities left very large room for improvement. The washroom for example, if I could, I will avoid it at all cost. It reminds me of boarding school washrooms but with strong scent of blood 😖😖

Binge watching The Big Bang Theory to pass time. Luckily I came prepared entertainment wise.

Having takeout meal because I passed on the hospital food. The reason being is that I forgot to pack my cutlery. You can use hospital one but nah, I think I'll just pass.

It is so hot in here and I'm so tired now. Probably will take a nap now.

I was so bored earlier but comes the visiting hour, my husband and family came. We video called my brother and sister too. Honestly, I can't wait for the c-section to be over with and see my baby. I saw my anesthetist and he explained that I'll be half conscious for the operation.

Be right back, the nurse wants to give me a shave wtf

Look who's taking half of my bed? Hahahaha I asked him to sit on the bed and watch movie together.

Left side is hospital food and right side is the food I asked the husband to dapao afterward. This afternoon I saw the staff distributing fried fish and veggies and it smelt so good. So I confidently told the husband I'll take hospital food for dinner.

I was so wrong because they only served tempe and steamed eggs for dinner. Yucks! Quickly asked the husband to go out to get food.

Just got inserted with another needles in preparation for the surgery tomorrow. The nurse got it wrong the first time and my vein swollen. I err accidentally cursed because this really hurt. I have no problem with taking blood because those are not painful but this one is. And I did shed tears too 😬

Day 347

Monday, 12 Dec 2016

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allycontrary (avatar)

allycontrary Good luck tomorrow! You'll do great!

1 year ago

suzmellisa (avatar)

suzmellisa Thanks @allycontrary! I hope so too!

1 year ago

miaomiao89 (avatar)

miaomiao89 Can't wait to see my god daughter. Praying for u babe!

1 year ago

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