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Happy 25th to me!! 🎉

Haha so lame announcing on social media, but hey ownself create notification quite effort lah

What am I doing differently today?
I had half a kebab this morning, leftover from the parent's lunchtime snacky cause it was 3 kebabs for $10 and 1 for $4.

It was filled with so much MSG tho, I immediately had my backache.

As birthdays go by, they have become less exciting, and just an excuse to spend meals with loved ones.

Which reminds me, I need to find a place for lunch with the fiance later. The fiance also asked me a few days back what I would like for my birthday, hmmm I told him I'll think about it. Planning to chop his carrot for the next household thing I want but he doesn't, or maybe chop during the honeymoon haha!

Ended up at Ottomans again! My Shish beef plate pide.

And the Iskender lamb on croutons!

We always end up at Ottomans for celebrations, or when we want to treat ourselves. It's good food at a good price and convenient, just underneath the htb office. Plus these 2 months there's one for one at lunch time!

The beef was 16.80, and the lamb was 18.80. Plus GST, service charge and the one for one, it came up to 20odd for both of us. Not too bad for a meal in a restaurant. Every time I would order beef cause I'm afraid of the įžŠéĒšå‘ŗ from lamb. But the beef comes in chunks so it's super chewy too. Hahaa actually the chicken is great, there's no lamb smell and it's tender. But I'm here to burn a hole in the htb pocket cause he's treating! If I'm paying I'll prob order the chicken.

The lamb smell here is already very manageable, I would put up with it if it was ordered for me like at a buffet or a luncheon. But since I'm ordering for myself I tend to err on the side caution and skip lamb. The htb loves the lamb here though, he's much less sensitive to lamb smell than I am.


Was chatting with a cousin this morning cause she wished me happy birthday, and she was sending me recommendations of bakeries in Paris and wineries in Bordeux. Ahhhh sounds so chill. It's going to be a money bomb though, Europe 😂

Dadimeow cooking steak!

Just realised that I have a few missing softcopies from my pws, I was looking through the album and thought a particular photo was nice, then realised I don't have it in softcopy!

Day 197

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

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ningx_ (avatar)

ningx_ happy 25th susi ❤ī¸đŸ¤Š

1 month ago

leanfire (avatar)

leanfire happy birthday babe :)

1 month ago

sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti Thanks both! @ningxxx @leanfire

1 month ago

potatotato (avatar)

potatotato Happy bday đŸĨŗ

1 month ago

sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti Thank you! @potatotato

1 month ago

_soshelove (avatar)

_soshelove Happy belated birthday babe! ♥ī¸

1 month ago

Jay_tee (avatar)

Jay_tee happy birthday fellow July baby!:)

1 month ago

sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti @_soshelove Haha not belated yet! Still the same day haha

1 month ago

sushiwatti (avatar)

sushiwatti Thank you!! @_soshelove @Jay_tee

1 month ago

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