bubbleteafanatic  (avatar)
updated 1 month ago

Omg looking at eveandboy’s ig and I’m going crazy over all the thai makeup brands. Like there are so many more brands other than mistine and in2it that I tried before!

Wanted to pap but dayre cannot load... so thinking of buying in bkk and trying it there maybe will sell some that is good? Will anyone be keen? 🤣

I use peripera’s lip tint most of the time and it’s alr quite cheap < $10 but the lip stuff from thai brands are like < $6 WTF


Obsessed with liho’s strawbie drink

Day 103

Saturday, 13 Apr 2019

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Sofaryetsonia (avatar)

Sofaryetsonia yes!! its damn cheap i found out those brands from xiao hong shu! n its damn lasting!

1 month ago

sushigxrl (avatar)

sushigxrl @Sofaryetsonia oooh which are the lasting ones? Cause xiaohongshu reviews all quite vague! Haha

1 month ago

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