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Join me on my foodventures ❤️

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I really like duke bakery’s bread so much that I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner HAHA and look they are huge!! Ok but this is not all for myself, 1 is for my friend! Gonna eat the taro beauty (half) for brunch tomorrow because 10-4pm lab and we don’t have time for breaks :( Shall save the other half after lab hehe

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Mmm chicken baked rice in school today! Don’t you think it actually look like it’s from pizza hut? Haha #dayrefattiesIt costs $5.50 and I added a teh bing, total bill is $7.3

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Ever since I don’t do anymore GE mods, I don’t go to utown anymore 😭 Only managed to eat this five grain beehoon for dinner today after yoga! ➡️ Cost: $5 (abit pricey considering I can eat $2.5 wanton mee) ➡️ Soup: thick yet not jelat, have different flavours like mala, tomato, 3 types of clear ones➡️ Beehoon: 3 types of different beehoon and the noodles are super QQ altho it looks like thick beehoon but it’s not like thick beehoon where it breaks after a bite✅ Verdict: will eat again!

Drank so much that I vomited my dinner 🌝 and when I took the lift down to my grab hitch, I vomited from my nose too WTF But really thankful for J ❤️ - helping me drink - ensuring I’m okay when I went to toilet- waited for me to bathe - dried my hair for me 😭 And now it’s almost 7am (we were back at 5 ish), I’m hungry and not sleepy 😑

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Assignments are piling up but days are running out and I cant bring myself to do them Especially when it’s cny now and gambling at night is so fun 🤭

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