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always be hustlin

April 2019

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Easter weekend!

Starting the Easter weekend with Good Friday service. J went up to our boss and announced to the team that we were leaving work early for church and our boss went, "since when you go to church? Going there to check out guys?" 🙄😒😒😒"If that's the reason by all means go now."Oh my boss is indeed super worried about my dating life lol. Dating with God you see. 😂😁🤣

March 2019


i have never felt so calm for things not going my way, the old younger me would probably rage and get really upset about it, feeling all dejected but here am i today, feeling all okay and go nah whatever. tomorrow we do this again. and again until we make it #gritWOWis this me growing up?????I guess after been through a lot of failures and traumatic events in life I have learnt to deal with it better and stronger? Life doesn't always go your way, if it does then something is wrong with me

February 2019

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this 🐷 oink year

Can we spend a few sec to see my glowing face (like finally?). Moisture face and serum foundation, good lighting = nice skin tone.PSA : THREE serum foundation is really good! It makes your skin glows lol. It's slightly more expensive but it's so worth the price. I alternate this with bourjois gel foundation for daily use.Also my cousins who still have their youth and good skin which require minimal makeup

January 2019

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2018 review part 2.

Today's KPI : finish off this 2018 review 😂😂 it's been overdue

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