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updated 3 years ago

Friday TGIF

Had a long day today

Went home to freshen up and off for my dinner date

With my lovely ladies. They are my primary and secondary school friends.

Dinner at Z'en Japanese Cuisine

Wanted to go En Grill and Bar but they were fully booked. So came to Z'en instead

Wagyu steak

Chicken liver and chicken w leek skewers

Daikon salad. Pretty refreshing.

Unagi fried rice. I'm not a fan of unagi but this is really good.

Mixed tempura

Otoro and aburi salmon sushi for myself as my friends don't take raw food.

California maki

Goya Champuru

It's a Japanese dish, fry bitter gourd with bean curd, egg and luncheon meat. The bitter gourd is too bitter for my liking.

I prefer this dish at another Japanese restaurant.

Ok.. We over ordered.. Suffered from food coma...


Round 2

Joined our ex interns for drinks at Ju Shin Jung, Korean restaurant at Robertson Quay.

Enjoyed their company very much. So young and bubbly.

Mentioned to them about Korean drinking etiquettes. One of them is to turn away from someone more senior when drinking.

And they applied this when drinking with me. 😅


Sorry..just feel like taking #selfie

Sometimes can't really stand myself 😂

Today's #ootd from #shoplittu

Dim sum lunch at Hua Ting

For @shaniceggk birthday celebration

Another great meet up with the 2 BFFs

Our order... It was my first time having dim sum here. Really enjoyed the food. Good food and great service. Used Citibank Card and enjoyed 20% off the bill. Quite worth it.

Late night outing with the doggies to Bishan Dog Park.

Naughty Creamie

Her way of chilling out

Don't be mistaken, we do not allow her to do this even in public area. Haha

Day 192

Saturday, 11 Jul 2015

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farahdean (avatar)

farahdean Creamie, why you do that? She needs a massage or a full body scratch?
& you look so pretty as always.

3 years ago

luvthatpurse (avatar)

luvthatpurse Wah... Did creamie turns into brownie? 😂

3 years ago

surerain (avatar)

surerain @farahdean I think she just feel very Shiok doing that. She will always do this while no one noticed. Very naughty girl. Thanks babe. Thanks to the filter. Haha.

3 years ago

surerain (avatar)

surerain @luvthatpurse yes!!!! She did! Smelly brownie! 😂😂😂

3 years ago

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