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First of Summer

Just got home from a superb vacay!

I am extremely excited to get home, hit my bed, sync all photos in my ipod and basically live normally again, after more than a full day in an island without electricity supply, and not even a bar of phone signal.

Whew. Though i am sometimes into rural living, if only for peace and its healthy nature, i had to admit that still, civilization is King, most def. lol.

I was able to get out of work earlier than expected last Friday, so i thought i will have no trouble with catching the bus.

Or so i thought.

The thing is, i got the wrong bus terminal, lol. Utter stupidity it is (I would like to blame google maps, again for the nth time, but i had to admit on my share of the mistake too, when i did not pay attention to the details in the IT, like this terminal near this hotel blah blah).

And, i remember laughing my ass off over a friend who had the same mistake before (although hers is worse, i guarantee lol) so i guess there's a little pat of karma there as well.

Anyway, me and my sister had to to do an amazing-race-kinda trip going to the correct terminal where thankfully, we arrived just in time.

Here's our first photo of the trip, right after the nine-hour bus ride.

This is in Daet, Camarines Norte. One of the Bicol Region provinces. This is where we're dropped off before taking the boat ride going to the paradise itself.

The boat ride was crazy! I've been in this island for the third time but i do not remember encountering such angry waves on a seemingly fine weather.

The waves are smashing through our little boat and left us who are seated at the front tail part all wet. Lol.

I just had to point how beautiful and aqua-marine the water is when the reached the shore then i went straight to the wash area to clean up.

Then, time to admire the heaven-ness of theplace which i have learned to love so dearly since i first laid eyes on it last 2012.

Calaguas island.

I am going to have to spam my page with a hell lot of my most favorite snaps here, so deal with it. Lol

Look at how pristine the sand is.

And how bluegreen-ish the water water is.

Like i always said, the quality o the beach itself is A+. It can even stand a solid chance against my undisputed favorite place which is Boracay. Because the place is hands-down gorgeous.

You can go chest deep in the water and still, you'll be footsie-ing with grade A fine sand.

Me and my sister clowning around, lol.

Some of my semi-candid shots.

Obviously happy kids. Lol

. . . .

Our home for the rest of the day is this humble cottage. The blue tent beside is where we camped for the night.

After lunch refreshments. Ice candy for 20 pesos.

I am a bit surprised by how the place has changed in a span of three years. When i first went here it was a totally isolated place. There were no decent cottages yet. There weren't any wash room even. There's only one water pump and you can rinse yourself there. There is one nipa hut with a toilet bowl.

When i went back last year, there were washrooms, cottages, and a small store already.

There were a pile of cottages that almost look like a lodge already. Bit by bit, the place is being commercialized. I only hope that the beauty of the place will remain intact amidst all these aggressive developments.

. . . .

On the rocks :D

Spotted taking a selfie, lol.

From far left of "Mahabang Baybay"

This is most favorite spot in the island. We had to walk 15 minutes from our cottage.

I love this spot because very few bothers to walk this far and so i always almost have the place to myself. But there were just a lot of people now.

The story of traveling sisterhood.

. . . .

Yes, that's a #tattoo that says "My Redeemer lives" Job19:25. I rocked with that since February of 2013 ;) I always planned on getting another one, but i can't decide on the design/content yet.

. . . .

. . . .

Now on the right most part of the island is where we go to anticipate the setting of the sun.

Watched the sunset from my side of the planet.

Have i ever mentioned i am kind of obsessed with the sunset phenomenon? I went as far as planning to name my future daughter Sunset, nicknamed "Sunny" ;)

At night, the tour i went along with sets up a mobile bar every Saturday. Unlimited music and cocktails for the guests until 1am.

Hullabaloo staff preparing blowjobs for willing guests. Lol

While i am mud-sindin' on the side 🍺

Called it a night at 9pm.

I woke up at 5:15 am and took my morning stroll at the beach while listening to some worship songs. It's me-and-my-God time.

I set up my shawl so i can sit and close my eyes and pray and listen hard to what God might be telling me at that moment. Last year, God assured me that my dreams are valid. This year's message is "be still"

My simple meditation lasted about 20 minutes. And it's awesome. The best part of being in the cradle of nature is the chance it is giving you to pray and reflect.

. . . .

. . . .

One last dip before heading back to the city.

Back to Daet, i had no more energy for another dip, all the mire to surf which is the main thing there actually. I spent the rest of the afternoon buying goodies and souvenirs and napping.

I had a super great time. And i will definitely go back here in years to come. It satisfies the Beachfreak in me, lol.

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Day 117

Monday, 27 Apr 2015

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Sailormun (avatar)

Sailormun Omg the beach! The sunshine! Ahhhh~~~ looks so fun and relaxing^^

3 years ago

supermavic (avatar)

supermavic @mintyminad it is! This is one of my most favorite beaches :) i'm enjoying the summer :) looks like you're having a bad weather in your place though?

3 years ago

Sailormun (avatar)

Sailormun @supermavic yea...omg don't know what happened here this year lol hopefully it will get better XD we need the sunshine back! Haha

3 years ago

supermavic (avatar)

supermavic @mintyminad haha weather is scumbag sometimes lol.

3 years ago

clebasemaj (avatar)

clebasemaj Finally saw the photos!!! I love them all!!! At ang sando mo! Sheet gusto ko rin nyan hahahah!!!

3 years ago

clebasemaj (avatar)

clebasemaj Favorite photo ko yun asa harap ka ng rocks tapos naka two piece tapos naka submerge ung paa mo sa tubig ang gandaaaaaa!!! 😍😍😍

3 years ago

supermavic (avatar)

supermavic @clebasemaj haha! Yung sando, 150 pesos! 😂

3 years ago

supermavic (avatar)

supermavic Favorite ko din yun kaya lang parang alangan ako magpost, baka feeler eh haha! 😁😁😜

3 years ago

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