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4 Fs to Finding the One (so to speak) 😅

I attended the Feast after a long while this morning.

I know so, i have backslid on my faith bigtime, the past few months.

And apart from me numbing on my faith, truth is, i am (particularly) sinning a lot these days. Something that i feel extremely horrible about. Day in and day out, it disheartens me, the fact that i feel helpless about it. Of how i always end up losing the continual war i wage against it.

Every morning, i’d hope that that day is the day the madness would stop, only for me to feel demoted to another level of low after a while of lying in bed at night.

Well, i am (painfully) just human, i reason.

Now, how can you not love the church when provided those sentiments, the only resounding message you’ll hear is how the Lord, always and forever never gets tired of loving and accepting you (back) no matter the number of instances you sinned or turned you back against Him?

Anyway, the topic of the new series (talk 1 today) is this 😅 (what a welcome). Looking for Mr. and Ms. Right. Makes sense considering that it’s love month.

I remember before, i would intentionally skip going to the Feast when it’s romantic love they’re preaching about. I just don’t like the general idea of supposedly trying to learn, bullet-by-bullet, how to find love. Or i don’t know, maybe i am just sad back then, lol.

Then one day, i ran out of Feast videos on Youtube (back then, i was trying to catch up on the Feasts i missed attending) so I finally decided to give the love-series a try.

Surprisingly, i find it so good.

After the watching a three-Sundays worth of talk, i’ve written what ended up to be the longest church-related notes i have jotted down ever. (So much for initially hating the bullet-by-bullet learnings, lol).

Let me see if (without the help of my old journal) i would still remember what those videos tried to teach me then.

Four Fs to Finding the One

1. Flags
2. Flow
3. Flirtsome
4. Firm


It’s been said that when you pray to God for “the one”, you have to be very specific of what you’re ordering, lol. Write down, as if it’s petition, all the qualities that you want “the one” to possess. And to help you in discerning, group it into two. Negotiable and Non-Negotiable.

I remember having listed in my notes some non-negotiable traits like: he has to be Christian and monogamous. While the negotiables: tall and sexy.

Lol. I am so shallow, wtf.


You have to expand your network. Go to the gym, climb mountains, be part of a church organisation or any organisation for that matter, long as it gives you opportunities to meet potential people (e.g. not the crochet club if you’re looking to find Mr. Right, lol). If you’re boxed in a daily routine of work and home, and your work, for example, is a pre-school teacher in a small school with a lady guard, lol, your odds at meeting “the one” is sub zero.


This i love! It’s flirting, the wholesome way. Be warm when boys are trying to talk to you. Smile often and don’t be a snob. This is specially directed to shy girls i guess. Weird that i kind of related to this even when i insist on not identifying myself as a shy person. Maybe because i am never a fan of making the first move, ever. I am not sure if that’s shy or proud though, lol.


This one is black-and-white talking about virginity pact and you know all too well what (all of) the church’s stand regarding that is. Also, i would not be the best person to hear this from, lol so i won’t try to make any rewording of the preaching.

What stuck to me about this though is how (and this is why i love this community) they never belted a tone of condemnation while delving on this point. They encouragingly talked about second virginity pact and stuffs.

So there.

Not sure how the current series is going to be any different but i am just as excited to see what they have in store. If you’re on the road of trying to find “the one”, i hope this helps you somehow, lol. I also wish the talks are still on youtube for you to see. If anyone’s interested, you may search “the Feast his plus hers (or his + hers)”. It’s in three parts if i recall correctly. I vouch, watching this is going to be a good use of anyone’s time.

Happy hunting! Lol.

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Sunday, 3 Feb 2019

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