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A Little Story

Work had been unusually rough last night, i left a little crumply. Then on the way home, i had to walk some three extra blocks after our ride had to reroute because of the freaking Dangwa (flower market) traffic (ugh, valentshit). It’s almost 2200 and i hear my stomach wail over the sound of my growing dismay.

Needless to say, my temper machine has gotten this close to busting off.

I decided to stop by this cheap buger “joint” along the street since i’m starving. I had a little chitchat with the girl on duty. Apparently, she works on a 12-hour shift everyday, getting paid on commission-basis. When i told her she should at least demand for a fixed pay per day, she got BLOODY EXCITED to share that she indeed receives 120 pesos daily.

ONE FUCKING HUNDRED TWENTY FUCKING PESOS for 12 hours?! Almost the same amount i’ll be paying for that bunch of shit i am buying!

I knew i had to turn to myself and ask, what the actual fuck are you complaining about? What right do you have to be pissed for the work that you have when this one right here appeared extremely grateful? For walking another three blocks when surely, somewhere, someone walks for miles just to save the 10pesos jeepney fare? And don’t even get me started on the poor you getting so hungry!

I sure got a mouthful from my brain.

Sometimes all we really need is a knock in the head.

I got a solid one last night.

Day 46

Friday, 15 Feb 2019

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