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30, Yes Please.

More than a week ago, i finally retired hashtag “twentysomething” from this life. And in conjunction with it (apart from kicking off a rather lame TreintaAndThriving hashtag, lol) is the grand reveal of my actual age in my, come to think of it, very little world of social media.

Like in the previous years, i felt somewhat pressured to make the day a productive one. Less than a week to the day, i was still trying to decide whether to give myself a one night stay treat to my favorite nearest-in-Manila resort, or to just bring along the entire family for a day tour. Oddly enough, those two options would more or less financially cost me just the same amount!

The room was very expensive because it seemed like they have freaking bias against single people, lol. I mean, what would i do with a double bed (although it wouldn’t hurt) and a two pax worth of breakfast if this person is just going to check-in by herself? Didn’t even mention how tiny this person we’re talking about is. Lol.

In the end, my pros-and-cons list decided that the latter option was the better one. So on the day itself, off with the whole family, i went.

Now thoughts on being thirty.

It felt absolutely. . . nothing. Lol.

I was somewhat taken aback too myself realizing that compared to perhaps three or four years ago, when i have always been that incredibly, abhorringly, dumbass dramatic stupid person on my birthday, turning thirty’s feels of nothingness would count as momentous.

If i will try to break it down to bits, i would think i was actually a little excited after the fact. There’s been this unknowable spirit of sheer excitement over turning to another chapter and for awhile, belonging to its earliest pages. There’s this sense of brandnew hope toward a new beginning. It simply felt like things are going to be great, somehow, someday soon.


I have noted a couple of changes which i would like to categorise as laughable though. For example, i was at the mall one time, buying myself a pair of ear studs (i like wearing the littlest ones for my extra piercings). I seriously stopped and asked myself, “is this still appropriate for my age? Should i be wearing pearls already?” LOL.

Also, on IG storying. I would repeatedly ask myself if the story is still within the bounds of the golden rule of “post-your-age”. Lol. The fact that i have retracted a handful of IG stories would attest to my doubts.

Another thing, at one point i was trying to imagine the percentage of the drop in my Tinder swipe-rights on account of this girl being freaking 30! Haha! FML.

Now here’s the part where i claim all wishes, all blessings and all good things in this universe to land directly into the palm of my outstretched arms and swarm my heart, my mind, my life, every molecule of my body and every fiber of my being.

Day 40

Saturday, 9 Feb 2019

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sgrmse (avatar)

sgrmse we're the same age! #highfive!

2 months ago

supermavic (avatar)

supermavic @sgrmse are you excited? 😎

2 months ago

sgrmse (avatar)

sgrmse no, girl. i'm nervous. lol!

2 months ago

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