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Enjoying the simple things in life

December 2017

holidays are ending

Things at work worked out eventually.Like what hubby always say, 船到桥头自然直🙏🏻Managed to spend a lot of time with hubby at home. Guess that was something positive that came out from not traveling. This felt way more precious giving him all the moral support😊Alone for tonight, but Guess I will make today eventful by cleaning and clearing my house👌🏼 caught up with my family this morning and also my in laws 2 days ago. Precious family time🖖🏼Missing him already!

Not so good end to 2017.

2017 has been so bad, I don't know how many times my hubby has consoled and encouraged me.Things keep blowing up, most of it don't even seem like my fault.Family issues.Work.I have never been so dejected in my life. I don't want to wish for a better 2018 because I don't want to keep my hopes high.I work so so hard but I don't understand is it my method or my way of thinking or analysing is wrong? Can't fathom at all.Oh well let's see how things blow up further from here.Ciao.

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