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February 2019

I have not updated for awhile because there's simply not much to say! N and i have been great - being soon-to-be husband and wife adds a dimension to our relationship i never thought possible. I always knew we were soulmates, life partners. It was my belief that marriage is just a label, a matter of legal convenience. I've even off handedly mentioned to N i didn't want a wedding!I've changed my mind slightly now:

January 2019

Across the room from each other, you were showing K something and i was talking to B at the couch. We caught each other's eye in the lull of conversations and grinned at each other. Mine, shy; yours, bright. My heart still catches every time we have such a moment.You're that ray of light that tops off whatever good i have in my life. I don't need your to fix my problems, but you sure make fighting them so much easier.

It's been awhile since i wrote. When things happen, they happen all at once! The past month may have been the busiest of my life.First there was work. There's no holiday break for us — there's more work, in fact, this season! But i have no complaints and am ever so grateful we have business, and we had the strength and good health to pull through it.Then, there's wedding planning. Or, was wedding planning. We began, lost momentum, and once work picked up i pushed it aside.

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