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Mom of baby J and wife of Mr C.

March 2019

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February 2019

What I have now is so beautiful that I do feel extremely blessed. I never would have thought I deserve to have a faithful loving handsome husband and a beautiful and cutest son on earth. I watched this movie about Lee chung wei last night (didn't manage to finish the movie). Anyways, the beginning part shows his passion for badminton and his dad who opposes him in playing the sport. Everytime he shows his interest, his dad would get super piss.

We are back in Oz. Bub is turning 1 soon and we celebrated his birthday by throwing him a big birthday bash in Malaysia. It was awesome. Hub did the lolly buffet himself and it was beautiful. Then I gave a speech in front of like 80 people. I am a coward. I dare not speak in front of the public. I never have the guts to stand on a stage and speak. I get stage frights and my mind would go blank. During our wedding dinner reception, I have prepared a beautiful speech only to chicken out .

I was exhausted and really unwell by the 3rd day of CNY. We had a family photo session at my hubby's home which was super chaotic and then I have to rush to my house to pick my parents up to go to my cousin's open house. I had this massive headache and all I wanted to do was sleep. I called my dad to tell him that I didn't want to go to my cousin's open house and he got mad at me. I left out details about my headache and told him I am in a rush instead.

We survived the flight home! We are back at KL for CNY. I thought it might just be good for bub to spend his CNY in KL. Now, we arrived yesterday and my parents picked us up. They really missed my son so they enjoyed playing with him. Since we arrived at night, we stayed over at my parents last night. Mom was really good. She bought things for me, did some of my laundry, even offered me to eat pineapple biscuit which is my favourite.

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