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I love the rain

February 2019

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Alright mi mates

HEHE my mum so sweet, helped me find a bolster so I can sleep better in hall. In the end only left one but it's like the reserve. She hesitated for awhile before offering it to me hahaha but I no need it uh, I can do without bolster. The bed is only so big ah hahaha thanks mummmmy

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What a treaaaaat hehe

Skate day 3. Fell twice, my poor wrist. Played a skate game, was fun but violent.M thankful towards this particular logs skater!!! Apparently the way I wore the skates made them not as tight. Prolly cause I keep failing to learn the T brake, he saw and he reached out to help me /cries with enormous thanks/ after he helped me while in his skates, my perf improved. Thanks u ah!!!!!!!! I wna be like him.Tired ah cause brought more stuff in early in the morning. Tmrw also morning day, jyjy!!

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On our way to sis house hehehe, pretty convi if we do it the right way. But I lazy ah. Hahaha, rather take the other way which ironically, requires more effort. So am I lazy or not....

Do smth for your future self

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