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updated 1 month ago

I am going to miss Soup greatly and dearly

I wish that our LDR could end soon and that we will be able to build a life together. But it’s so hard, so very hard.

I’m damn jialat. My flight is today and we are leaving for the airport in 4 hours and my luggage is not packed yet.

I just feel like there is this sense of impending doom and that once my bags are packed, I’m really leaving Europe. Maybe not for good, but for a good while and I’ll be leaving behind the better half of me.

Almost 3 years of LDR already, WHEN CAN WE FINALLY BE TOGETHER FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES - screams into the abyss -

Alas, that is life

Day 31

Thursday, 31 Jan 2019

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eightpaperhearts (avatar)

eightpaperhearts Sending big hugs to you! I feel you completely but my bf and I always tell ourselves that each parting brings us closer to being together forever. Wishing you all the strength and positivity to pull through this leg of the ldr journey 💪🏻

1 month ago

summerflyy (avatar)

summerflyy @eightpaperhearts thank you very much for your kind words ! I really appreciate it. I need all the strength and positivity to leave his butt in Europe 😔

1 month ago

Country_life (avatar)

Country_life Hugs, take care x

1 month ago

summerflyy (avatar)

summerflyy @Country_life thank you !

1 month ago

clarainwonderland (avatar)

clarainwonderland ya, I can understand this feeling... my hub and I go through it for 7 years and we never get used to it. Now, I stick to him like glue... but when you both managed to finally be together, you will cherish each other alot and be v happy de!! I always cried when he leave me at airport and he don't dare to send me off. jia you!!

1 month ago

summerflyy (avatar)

summerflyy @clarainwonderland yea ... I cried and cried at the airport and made him really sad. It’s just so upsetting sometimes and I hope we get to end the LDR soon

1 month ago

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