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Alagille Syndrome

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Was studying about this syndrome, i dont think its an important syndrome for my year but it just kindda caught my attention.

The Alagille Syndrome :

An autosomal dominant syndrome with abnormalities of the liver, heart, skeleton, eye, and kidneys and a characteristic facial appearance - pointed / pinned chin. Your child might have mental retardation, as well as hepatic duct probs ( liver probs).

And so i googled what is Pinned Chin.

See the pointed chin?

In sooth should include broadened forehead, pointed chin, and elongated nose with bulbous tip.

It is due to some mutation in the parents gene and thus your kid will get this syndrome.

A real kid example, plus a famous star with pinned chin.

They actually give this example in google haha!

And and for some reason i thought of these two person in less than 0.1 sec.

Pinned chin!!!

And the goddes angelababy too!

Haha i knew they did plastic surgeries, but i actually go google up how long can a Alagille Syndrom child live. You know, just in case there are really actress/ actor walking around with mild Alagille syndrome.

Hmmm interesting much. Ok i guess i'll rmb well what is Alagille syndrome now.

Ok finish my very medically inclined genes for tonight. Head to hit the bed! Good nights!!

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