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February 2019

January 2019

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Had our weekly checkup today, and the doctor did a cervix check plus a membrane sweep.I was quite shocked at how uncomfortable it felt. I actually gripped onto the wall while she "dug" through.2cm dilated and was told there would be light cramping throughout the day plus a little bit of bleeding.But seriously, how light is light 😂 I had frequent period like crampings about every 5 minutes immediately after for about 2 hours. Also, bleeding about half of pantyliner??

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39 Weeks

We were hoping baby A would come out today ! But no serious contractions so far. Only pinkish/redish discharge from morning and some bearable cramps throughout the day. I can feel my below abit more sore than usual too. I'm pretty confused at this contractions thing 😓Planned to walk around for about 4 to 5 hours today.. same as the last 2 days but I'm feeling abit nauseous and weak after lunch. And I just feel really low in energy today despite drinking chicken essence this morning :/

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Omgaaaahhhh who is this what is this ?????Getting so big and baby A is showing no signs of coming out at all ! Apart from "quite painful" BH episodes at 3am till 6am this morning, I had to sit up to sleep now cos it's just too painful to toss and turn in bed :"( I feel so guilty for wanting baby A to come out now now now nooooooowwww :/#dayrepregnancy

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The last few weeks has been sort of "suffering".- unable to fall asleep- that painful cramps and pelvic bone cracking when you turn in bed :'(- still feeling exhausted even with 8 hours of sleep- not feeling full from any of the meals- uncomfortable sitting down due to pain from stretch marks and also pressure on butt- BH getting more painful, no more just hardening of tummy- pelvic pain when standing/walking- skin has been really dry and pimply too :"(

Just had my appointment at NUH today. Did the usual urine test, weight, blood pressure and baby's heartbeat and that's all.................... is every week going to be like this :/ Fingers crossed that Baby A will come out on Week 39 ! Tho the only signs I have are frequent BH plus much more painful cramps and discharge.

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