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4 Easy Feng Shui Tips For Homeowners & Beginners

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While it is 2019, Feng Shui still plays an important role for plenty of homeowners and their elderly parents.

Good fortune 🍀 in terms of a successful career, great health, a harmonious & loving family are some benefits of having “good Feng Shui”.

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*Disclaimer: Feng Shui is a highly subjective topic and there may be varying views. This guide only serves as an introductory guide for homeowners.

Ultimately, do what you are comfortable with!✨


Feng Shui literally translate to “风” (wind) & “水” (water) in Chinese.

In the Chinese culture, wind & water are associated with good health and attracting good fortune. Also, it is said to be able to dispel negative energy.

Whether you are getting your first BTO home or planning a shift to a new house, this guide aims to help you get started and bring some good Feng Shui to your home.

Let’s get started!

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1. Decluttering for Feng Shui

Marie Kondo did not mention that clearing out unwanted items is beneficial for Feng Shui – but it actually is!

By clearing out old items that take up space, you are actually removing negative energy from your home while making room for positive ones.

Thus, always ensure that your home is free from unwanted clutter!

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Organizing your items prevents clutter from building up again. Always have a home for everything and be sure to place things back into their rightful position after use!

Once you are done organizing, it’s time to let in some air 💨 and light ☀️

These 2 elements are essential for good Feng Shui energy (气). Simply let in sufficient natural light and ensure that your home is well-ventilated. One tip is to ensure that your windows are not obstructed!

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2. Introducing nature elements

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Ask any Feng Shui master and they will say that there are 5 nature elements that you will have to pay attention to. They are

✔️ Wood
✔️ Fire
✔️ Earth
✔️ Metal
✔️ Water

For good health, be sure to have a couple of plants in the house as they symbolise the wood element. Besides, they add a touch of freshness to your surroundings.

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Image source: kanallamongan

Be sure to choose plants that acts as a natural air purifier 🌱

If you find that having potted plants around your home is taking up too much space, you can consider placing them on ✨ WALLS ✨ instead!

Our Timber Wall Holder above & Rustic Bracket Wall Shelf as seen below would be perfect!

For prosperity, introduce water and wood elements using a simple water fountain or wooden furniture and flooring.

On the other hand, the metal element is said to bring about a clarity of mind and vibrant energy, As such, it is a good idea to add a touch of metal using grey furniture or a metal bookshelf in study rooms or home offices.

Most importantly, the key here is balance. Be sure to have a good mix of the elements – they bring about good Feng Shui and look great too!

3. Furniture Placements

The way you arrange your furniture is also highly important when it comes to Feng Shui! And to do so, you just need to remember two words:

Commanding Position

So what does a commanding position mean? It means that the particular furniture allows the homeowner to have a better view, create open space or improve lighting.

For bedroom 🛌

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The bedroom plays a large part in Feng Shui as it is the area of the home where one relaxes, unwind and have intimate moments.

For a start, be sure to position you bed such that:

✅ It is approachable from both sides
✅ Have 2 bedside tables on both sides
✅ Is not directly facing the door

The rational behind this is that you want the bed to be accessible and yet not overly exposed to the outside.


Image source: Top Inspired

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Study room / Home office

If you are working from home or have children in school, you may use Feng Shui to decide on the position of the study or work table!

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Generally, be sure to:

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✅ Ensure that the work/study table is tidied up at the end of the day
✅ When seated, try to have a wall behind the chair
✅ Position the table such that you are able to view your surroundings and the entrance easily

Going back to the “Commanding Position” theme mentioned earlier on, having a wall behind the chair symbolises that you will always have “good support” on your endeavours.

On the other hand, positioning your table facing the entrance helps to ensure that you have good visibility too!


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Surprisingly, kitchen is one of the most important aspect of Feng Shui. This is because the kitchen represents the source of wealth in the house as it is a place where food is stored and produced.

Here are some guidelines:

✅ Have your stove beside a wall
✅ Ensure that your fridge and cabinets are well-organized
✅ Avoid having the kitchen facing towards the front door
✅ Avoid having a toilet beside the kitchen

Similar to our bedroom example, having a wall beside your stove symbolises that your wealth is well-supported.

On the other hand, avoid having the kitchen facing towards the front door as it may represent the leakage of wealth.

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4. Having positive emotions

We have saved the best for last and this is section is truly important!

🏠 As new homeowners, you may not have full control over the house layout to suit your Feng Shui needs. This especially true if you are getting a HDB BTO unit. (Unless you are willing to fork out money for a major make-over renovation).

However, what we have control over are the emotions and attitudes we bring back to our homes

In it purest form, Feng Shui is about creating positive energy and a harmonious environment. What better way to do this than to bring home plenty of smiles and celebrating small milestones with your family!

As such, leave your work or school stresses at the door (yes, we know it’s hard!) and do not bear grudges overnight – you will realise how such small steps lead to a happier home 😊✨

Do what your are comfortable with

So there you have – A easy-to-follow guide to help improve the Feng Shui of your home!

Once again, being a subjective topic with a rich history, the key here is to do what you are comfortable with.

We love point 4 the most as it is one that we can truly work on.

Let us know which Feng Shui tip is your favourite in the comments below!

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