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Lazy Susan 5 Ways To Use It At Home

From mess to neat✨ Watch the amazing before & after transformation using our all-new Lazy Susan Turntable available on⁣
With just a simple turn, it makes hard-to-reach items in your kitchen cabinets instantly more accessible.

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Read on to learn 5 amazing & unexpected ways you can use a lazy susan to make your life simpler!

1. Kitchen cabinets

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Bottles of herbs, spices, condiments or seasoning that often gets hidden messily at corners of your kitchen cabinets – its time for them to see daylight with a Lazy Susan.

⭐️ Tip: When organizing using a Lazy Susan, always follow this technique below

Line shorter and smaller bottles around the edges, and taller bottles in the centre (as seen in the image above).

Also, remember to store with the labels facing outwards. In this way, you will be able see what you have at a glance and retrieve items easily

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2. Kitchen countertop

Image source: The Organising Platform

If you cook on a daily basis, you can place commonly-used seasoning bottles, condiment holders on a Lazy Susan Turnable for easy access.

Moreover, it instantly makes your countertop look less cluttered with everything organized neatly πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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3. Fridge

If a cluttered fridge filled with an overflowing amount of things is exactly what you are experiencing, its time to get it sorted!

Lazy susan is especially helpful to help you organize bottles of sauces, 🍯 spreads, small tubs of yoghurt that always end up at the...

CORNERS of your fridge.

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4. Underneath the sink

Cleaning agents are commonly stored in the storage area underneath your sink. We know, storage area might be pretty deep in there.

And as you purchase numerous cleaning products for different purposes, things can get messy.

Add in a lazy susan to make retrieving your cleaning agents easier πŸ˜‰

✨ P.S You can find the cabinet organizer with handle & the kitchen rack seen above on too!

5. Cosmetics

For the #dayrebeauty ladies!

If you store your cosmetics in deep cupboards & is always having a hard time pulling them out, this technique will help too!

Note ⚠️

You should NOT be placing multiples of the exact same item on a lazy susan turntable.

If you have multiples of the same items, simply store them one behind another. Once one is used up, push the rest forward!

Be it in your kitchen, pantry, fridge and more, a lazy susan is definitely a must-have organizing tool to make the dig at corners less traumatic.

It is easy to clean too, either rinse it under water or wipe it using a wet cloth.

We’re sure once you have started adding a Lazy Susan in your home, you’ll regret not knowing about it earlier πŸ˜†

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