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A Guide To Renovation Contractors, An Alternative to ID Firms

When it comes to renovating your dream home, the first thoughts that pop up in your head will likely be “ID firm or Contractors?”

Or... you maybe scratching your head and wondering, “Actually what are the differences between them?”

If these thoughts are constantly bugging you, this is for you! We interviewed a new homeowner, Ida (who is also our loyal customer – we couldn’t thank her enoughπŸ’• ) & she shared with us her renovation experience using Contractors!

Stay tuned to find out more πŸ˜‰

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ID firms vs Renovation Contractors

🌟 ID firms ⭐️

They will usually take charge of the design & overall project management.

It’s perfect for you if...

βœ”οΈ you need design services from an expert in the field
βœ”οΈ you lack the time to manage your renovation process from start to end
βœ”οΈ you have a higher budget

🌟 Contractors ⭐️

Their expertise lies in construction, obtaining the right materials, carpentry & other installations such as flooring, wiring.

It’s perfect for you if...
βœ”οΈ you are very clear on what you want (e.g tiles, colours, dimensions)
βœ”οΈ you are willing and have the time to be more hands-on
βœ”οΈ you prefer to spend less on renovations

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Now back to the topic πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Happy homeowner Ida’s experience with Contractors

1. Cost

The price difference between Contractors and ID firms is huge. It is almost 30-50% cheaper to go with a Contractor than with an ID firm for the same outcome.

“We did ask ID to give us a quote, but it’s like $60,000 for something that I’m paying $30,000 at Contractor”

Of course, there are good reasons for the price difference. The main thing is, at this cheaper price, ⚠️ be prepared to be more hands-on as compared to going with an ID firm ⚠️

2. Being very hands-on

Because Ida and her family has flexible working timings, they are always present to monitor and keep tabs on the Contractors.

This is great for homeowners who have flexible working hours or simply like to be part of the action as it gives them a great sense of accomplishment at the end of it!

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On the other hand, an ID firm handle your renovation needs completely, including:

• Designing, research & recommendations
• Selecting the right Contractor(s) for the job
• Scheduling and ensuring that the deadline is met
• Purchasing the right furniture
• Defects inspection

Going with an ID firm usually means that you get to “relax” after the design phase as the ID firm is supposed to handle the rest for you. (USUALLY that’s the case, though it is recommended to keep an eye on things).

If you have a hectic schedule or simply willing to engage a professional to do the work, choosing an ID firm may be the way forward.

✨ 4 Important Guidelines When Working With A Contractor ✨

1. Be specific in your requirements & have it written down

This is true whether you engage an ID firm or a Contractor – but for a Contractor, this is especially the case!

Like mentioned earlier, a Contractor’s main expertise lies in construction. Thus, they will take the cues from you with things related to sizing, design, materials and more

From our interview, we learnt that Ida marked out guiding lines using coloured tapes (see above) to help the Contractor with piping and other bathroom installations. Feel free to use tapes, the floor plan or even pencil marks to assist the Contractor in his work.

“You really need to spell out every single detail, even though it is only for wiring or power point. You really have to write it down… because every single (item) is chargeable. Everything has to be in white and black.”

⭐️ Another tip 🌟 is to write all items which have been discussed and agreed upon. Sure, the Contractor uncle is friendly and you may trust him – but this just helps to prevent miscommunication. You don’t want to be shock with an inflated bill, do you?

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2. Engage a main Contractor with experience and is helpful

This may seem common sense, but a helpful main Contractor is one of the most important factors for a successful renovation!

So what is a “main” Contractor? The main Contractor should be the one performing the bigger renovations. For example, the kitchen, the bathroom or room partitions (a.k.a the one which usually costs the most 😌)

According to Ida, her main Contractor provided her advice throughout the renovation process such that everything comes together perfectly:

“The main Contractor that we knew is pretty good. He’s an old man in this line for over forty years. He can give you input during your renovation process.”

For example, he could provide suggestion on where to install the air-conditioner, how should the wiring be done and even provide contacts for other Contractors such as painters and electricians!

3. Schedule your Contractors effectively

Going the Contractor route means that you will usually have different Contractors working on different things. It may turn out something like this:

• Kitchen & Bathroom: Main Contractor
• Flooring: Contractor A
• Built-in wardrobes: Contractor B
• Air-con & wiring: Contractor C
• Painting & cleaning: Contractor D

As such, you will have to know which renovation job has to be complete first and then schedule each Contractor according. This will reduce time wastage and help get to get the renovation process done smoothly.

Similarly, feel free to liaise with your main Contractor for advice as he will usually have the most experience on the sequence of the renovation.

4. At the end, remember to perform defects inspection

Contractors, even those with the best intentions, are not perfect builders. There may be times where there may be minor workmanship and quality issues. As such, do be reminded to perform a simple defect inspection.

Once you have identified an issue, remember to take a picture and highlight areas of concern.

Then, note down as much details as possible and send it to the Contractor ASAP!

Most Contractors should assist you as long as it is not too long after the completion of the renovation.

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Ready to make your decision?

With this guide, we hope to have helped you in your decision between engaging an ID firm or a Contractor!

Once again, a big thank you to Ida for joining us in this Style Interview – we’re sure it has been truly helpful for new homeowners!

Feel free to let us know if you have any queries in the comments below or simply DM us on Instagram (@style_degree), we’ll be glad to help!

Have a great start to March πŸŽ‰πŸ 

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