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April 2019

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Wow! You guys! I didn’t think anyone was still on dayre. I actually forgot what it is like to have genuine concern on dayre. Thank you for caring to comment! Made my day!

4am Struggle

I had a dozen things to write. But as I sit on my bathroom floor. Done puking my guts out from the side effects of the meds. I’m crying my eyes out.I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and it doesn’t help being sick. It’s 4am and whoever said being a single unmarried person is a good thing, obviously never had to work themselves to death. I feel like the only thing I accomplish well is work. And having worked in a male dominated industry, it’s hard to make your mark.

March 2019

Where do I even begin? 2019 started with back to back travels. I felt like I lived out of my suitcase. And because I now live alone, I didn’t feel as homesick. I concluded that when you come home to an empty place, or rather - when you have no one to come home to, your space is a cocoon for you to hide and recharge. I like being social. I like being in presence of people. But having said that, I’ve almost exclusively only spend time with people related to work.

Is anybody still here or is this a white elephant now?For some reason, I feel compelled to come back here and pen my thoughts. My vulnerable thoughts.It’s been whirlwind. I feel like I am currently in the middle of a storm. Waiting for it to calm.

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