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March 2019

It’s been such a terrible evening, I do not even know where to begin.Gotten news that management has decided to sent me for the last minute work trip in April, so I’ve got to cancel my leave and forgo the time M and I have been planning for 💔 Unable to make plans for other days as we’re both so swamped with work, meetings and family ):

It was an insane night for us. It’s been such a Long time since the hubs and I had such amazing sex, I had to document it. As much as I miss M and his cock, I have to say, last night was pretty damn good...He was so ravenous when I got back from work that his rock hard cock greeted me first thing when I came through our bedroom door. The sight of it instantly got me so so wet that I wanted more.

I’m so horny it’s mad. Keep thinking about M’s cock penetrating me, I’ve been wanting it so much it’s driving me crazy.

So some time last month, I applied for leave on a wrong day and was contemplating if I should cancel it or just take it and have some me-time, to which M said he would take with me too ;) We spent a good two-ish weeks looking forward to it and he booked a nice quiet hotel hidden away from the city bustle. We wanted everything to be stress free and just enjoy each other’s company and it was perfect x

I’ve met M some time back on a social app before the whole drama episode with the hubs. And even earlier on, we got really close really quick. Not romantic close, but a platonic bitching partner kind of close where I know I can share everything with him and not be judged. However, nothing happened between us back then as I was still with H.

So now that I have some time on my hands, let’s talk about M.

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