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Holla!!!! Dressed in red today because I'll be catching NDP later!!

It is going to be first time ever catching the preview ever since I was p5 HAHAHAHA WTF. yes I am the kind of home girl that avoids crowds on public holidays at all expense even though I will gian to watch things.

I also never balloted for NDP parades before omg I am a noob cos idk how to do it.. so thank you @nuffnangsg for letting me have the chance to watch the preview!!! 😍😍

Went to my parents' room to kope a neat room to take this mirror ootd because my room is a war zone again HAHAHAHA

Top from Carrislabelle and skorts from shopsassydream which I kept for a long time ago and have worn for the 10000th time.

Not kidding when I say I really like SSD bottoms because they really fit me perfectly. And they know my sizing so well that they'll tell me to up or down a size if a particular bottom they're launching is of a slightly different fit from usual. I love their bottoms but usually their dresses are too short for me (I'm 170 and a usual size S for SSD)

Marbled sandAls upcoming on Fayth!!! Not so soon I think.. But I've alr worn this like crazy cos I wore to Chiangmai and walked so much and everywhere in this!!! When I told the marketing assoc from Fayth that I wore this to trek she got a shock HAHAHAHA

It is quite dirty alr from the muddy grounds in Thailand but luckily I took a photo of it when it first arrived for my future Instagram post 😂😂😂 my feet is very veiny and has a huge eczema scar so it is good that this covers the flaws 😀

HELLO HELLO I am back! Omg I have half an hour to dayre about NDP HAHAHAHA lezzgo!!!

You know you're going for NDP when you alight from the train and you see everyone in red OR white. LIKE EVERYBODY.

TIP: taking the stairs is faster

From where I sit 😊

The other side!

Starbucks to tide through the show!

I was just... Excited la okay HAHAHA

Then I roped in Ena and @ahmantha to take this SNOW selfie w me HAHA

Dunno @chrislovee go party or go NDP AIYO

We had media passes so our seats have tables and plugs haha charging my phone made easy and convenient ✌

I brought my entire plug out and it was so useful, right @chrislovee ??? IT PAYS OFF TO BE AN AUNTY BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL FIND A PLUG FOR YOU TO USE 😀😂

Okay we took this selfie because some photographer wanted to capture us taking a selfie HAHAHA like OKAY SO... selfie it is 😂

Some of the stuff in the goodie bag! Favourite being the scarf.. I think quite useful.

Next time I go hiking like.. Those more difficult mountains at the peak can take out this scarf and take photo like I conquered the world HAHAHAHA JK.

But I half meant it 😀

Caught NDP preview today w these 😊😊😊😊

See the scarf is such a great prop HAHAHA and THE MATERIAL ALSO LEGIT.

Anyway really quite enjoyed the show esp from the second part onwards :)

One w my outfit because only can take OOTD like that once a year hahaha


Ahhh the rest of the photos are all in my camera!!! Too lazy to transfer now... Maybe I will dayre that tmr together with my amazing first ever GRABHITCH experience!!!

really did not expect my first grabhitch experience to be so good and full of coincidences!!! 😂 and of course to pay only a fraction of what I pay as compared to grabtaxi or grabcar HAHAHA

The block A people were also there to watch the preview so I went to find them after that 😀

Andddd had soup spoon for supper!! 😊😊😊

Had the SG chicken and mushroom ragout, which is one of my favs and the other is a "seasonal"(?) / promotional flavour that has pumpkin, mango and prawn! Not too bad because the pumpkin and mango made the prawn bisque less salty!

Day 205

Saturday, 23 Jul 2016

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yeomabel (avatar)

yeomabel Hehehehe y'all so cute @ahmantha @chrislovee @enateo @jocinaaa (tagging everyone so y'all know each others' tags). AND THAT PIC OF CHRIS hahahahhahaha

2 years ago

enateo (avatar)

enateo @yeomabel thanks for the tag! And lol I wasn't looking at the camera in one of the pic 😂 the snow selfie filter damn cute, gonna download it!!

2 years ago

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