Xin Lin (avatar)
updated 2 years ago

Yayyyyy opened this to drink today because realise it is expiring tmr!!!! Got this when I worked for a 7-11 event last week and they gave out this for free HEHE HOW TO RESIST.

but I only like the milk tea. The rest of the flavours I don't really like. But honestly nothing beats like drinking "fresh" made milk tea iygwim!!! Bottled and canned drinks almost always doesn't taste as nice to me except maybe um... Green tea and coconut water LOL

GOING OUT NOW TO MEET @brenwho ok actually we damn late alrrrrr cos we're going Lepark for a Somersby event haha

Not wearing anything on my face today because my skin is still horrible w a lot of blemishes after returning from Thailand... But wearing Kat Von D's LOLITA shade today!!

Love love love this shade. And it isn't drying so far and I have desert lips HAHAHHA people got dessert lips but mine is desert ✋

Day 206

Sunday, 24 Jul 2016

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meishqinyaoorgary (avatar)

meishqinyaoorgary Actually nvr really liked that drink. Had it many years back before the craze I think and felt it was way too milky. Any bubble tea on the streets of tw is way better

2 years ago

stopthepretence (avatar)

stopthepretence @meishqinyaoorgary I agree in full entirety! drank it way before its hype but still normal bubble tea wins hands down haha

2 years ago

meishqinyaoorgary (avatar)

meishqinyaoorgary @stopthepretence totally ✋🏼!! And the only reason I wld go and buy it here (which is highly unlikely) is if I want the nice bottle 😃

2 years ago

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