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This is how we say goodbye

April 2018

I think I really need more than 24 hours a day πŸ˜ͺ

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Diz me 😭Was out and wanted to do work while waiting for H to end work but I Rlly couldn't take it... Took a grab home and now I'm ready to say, I'll see you tomorrow, world. I need to hibernate this bloody mess away 😭😭😭

Ever had that encounter where one of your bf's ex classmates bump into him in the mall when both of you are on a date, and she super not auto, instead of the usual hi bye, she stood in between you guys and talked to your bf for a good 15 min because her friends not here yet?LOL please la. You really think laoniang eat glass grow up transparent one isit πŸ™„

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February 2018

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Goodbye Dayre

Checking in for the last time on Dayre today, at 3am, no less πŸ˜…I'll see y'all more often on my other social media channels! BTW, I won't be updating the WordPress account!!! Merely created it to export my posts because we could only export to WP.. πŸ˜…I will miss this space a lot, a lot, a lot... My heart hurts to say even goodbye.But thank you everyone who has been following me this far - I hope to be able to cross paths with y'all in some way or another again.Love,Xin Lin

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where to find me... after dayre πŸ‘€

Here's me waiting to export my dayre posts~ the number never seems to fall below 7000 πŸ˜‚But whatever it is, thank you @dayxport!!!This will be in a private WordPress account and I will move selected posts to my dot com ~~

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