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This is how we say goodbye

June 2018

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Decisions, decisions. Ahhhh.Anyway time flies and I've almost moved out for the year??? I know many of you have asked me to write about staying alone etc and it isn't that I don't want to write haha... It is... I wanted to give myself some privacy because I'm scared of weird people finding out where I stay and then stalking me. After all I live alone 😂 anw I also took this almost 1 year to adjust myself before actually penning down some thoughts!

May 2018

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I'm so glad that in this new month, I found myself, aka my drive and motivation, back.April was a very challenging month for me mentally, I struggled with a lot of negative thoughts that I just can't seem to get rid of. I was feeling pretty shitty and unmotivated all the way till the final week, where I finally told myself to get my shit together and really snapped myself out from that dark bubble.

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Been silently reading Dayre but haven't actually found the momentum to come back and start writing here again...But oh, hello!It's 2am - - one of my earlier late night entries as usual 🤣 Decided to call it a day earlier (my body clock is super warped) because H is staying over today and I usually sleep earlier when he is over so we can get the lights out earlier 😂

April 2018

I think I really need more than 24 hours a day 😪

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Diz me 😭Was out and wanted to do work while waiting for H to end work but I Rlly couldn't take it... Took a grab home and now I'm ready to say, I'll see you tomorrow, world. I need to hibernate this bloody mess away 😭😭😭

Ever had that encounter where one of your bf's ex classmates bump into him in the mall when both of you are on a date, and she super not auto, instead of the usual hi bye, she stood in between you guys and talked to your bf for a good 15 min because her friends not here yet?LOL please la. You really think laoniang eat glass grow up transparent one isit 🙄

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